Whether you’re buying a new shed, improving an old one, or just want to find out more about the nation’s favourite garden buildings, have a browse through our Shed Blogs now.

  1. Garden Workshops: The Hardest Working Sheds

    Garden Workshops: The Hardest Working Sheds

    Garden workshops are not exactly different to sheds, they are more a type of shed. Find out more about what they can offer you here...

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  2. Why Your Next Shed Should Be A Plastic Shed

    large grey plastic shed

    Plastic Shed Now Means Premium Shed

    Plastic sheds used to be viewed as the poor relations of wooden and metal sheds. This is no longer the case.

    Whether it comes to utilising the latest technology or sporting an eye-catching, contemporary design, plastic sheds now lead the way.

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  3. Which Garden Building is Best for Me?

    a green summerhouse with a lady standing in the open door way and a rear shed area with door open

    Choosing a Garden Building 

    As any homeowner and Buy Sheds Direct website regular

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  4. Top 5 Best 8x6 Sheds

    an 8x6 wooden shed in a garden setting

    The 8x6 shed is a top favourite among British gardeners. Take a look at our favourite five 8x6 sheds and why it's such a popular size.

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  5. Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Potting Shed

    Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Potting Shed

    You love to garden and you need to buy a new shed or you're finally taking the gardening plunge and thinking about buying a greenhouse. Wait! Have you thought about buying a potting shed? Here we look at the Top 5 Reasons

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  6. Beef Up Your Shed Security

    a modern security shed in dark grey

    Is Your Shed Secure?

    We underestimate the value of our shed's contents. With mowers, tools and garden furniture, the value adds up very quickly. It's important that you check your shed is secure and take measures to maximise its security.

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  7. Create a Home Gym in Your Garden Shed

    Create a Home Gym in Your Garden Shed

    The New Year is here. Millions of people around the country have made the famous resolution: to finally get in shape. The excessive consumption of mince pies and wine over the festive period has not helped anybody’s weight l

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  8. How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

    How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

    How to Hide a Garden Shed

    Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis.

    However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and the tools to keep it in tip top shape. Therefore, you will more than likely have a shed stuck somewhere in your garden.

    Even if a shed is shiny and new, we don't want it to be the main feature of the garden. So, we need to hide it somehow.

    Here are four key methods you can use to hide your shed: concealment, distraction, improvement, and replacement.  

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  9. Garden and Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas During Winter

    Garden and Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas During Winter

    The first day of winter is very nearly upon us; Jack Frost’s icy grip is tightening on Britain, attacking us with sleet, snow and freezing winds. At this time of year, one would probably worry about whether there is enough time to finish the Christmas S

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  10. How to Insulate Your Shed

    How to Insulate Your Shed

    More and more ordinary sheds are being converted into places of extraordinary activity. Workrooms, chill out space and hobby dens are all evolving from the humble 6x8. But to make a shed a comfortable place to work, rest and play, the structure has

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