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  1. Growing your own – a guide to planting and growing flowers, food & herbs

    Gardening is an amazing and very rewarding past-time, which is enjoyed by many people across the globe and by a variety of age groups. If you're tired of just having a simple lawn, there are countless ways that you can enhance your garden. Through gardening you don't just gain a delightful place to spend time relaxing or entertaining, but your new hobby will also keep you active.

    Here we give you a little insight into how to start growing flowers, vegetables or herbs at home.


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  2. Garden butterfly numbers drop 20 % in the UK

    Monarch Butterfly Conservation | BuyShedsDirect UK

    Butterflies in the garden are such a familiar and enjoyable sight, but year-on-year numbers have been dropping.

    So far, this years cool summer and the reduction in habitat throughout the UK, has led to a 22 % reduction in butterfly numbers.

    The volunteers from the charity Butterfly Conservation has been conducting research into butterfly numbers since 2009.

    Their findings have sh

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  3. Link between new bee virus strain and mites could signal an end to bee colony decline

    Bees in the Garden

    With summer just round the corner, we are all used to seeing bees buzzing about in the garden. What many people forget is that bees are major pollinators around the world. In fact, over 70 of the worlds 100 top arable crop species which provide 90 % of the world’s food, are pollinated by bees.

    Our honey bees and bumblebees ar

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