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Butterflies in the garden are such a familiar and enjoyable sight, but year-on-year numbers have been dropping.

So far, this years cool summer and the reduction in habitat throughout the UK, has led to a 22 % reduction in butterfly numbers.

The volunteers from the charity Butterfly Conservation has been conducting research into butterfly numbers since 2009.

Their findings have shown a steady decline in native butterfly numbers, on average the volunteers saw 80 butterflies and up to 8 species. The survey has shown that there has been around a 20 % reduction in butterfly numbers per year since 2009.

What can I do to attract butterflies?

Butterflies will visit any garden as you will notice in summer. Attracting butterflies to your garden and creating a supportive habitat couldn't be easier.

So it is possible to create a habitat suitable for butterflies in any garden, no matter the size. Just as long as there are plenty of different nectar plants grown in sheltered yet sunny parts of your garden, butterflies will be happy.

It's a good idea to plan your planting so as there are flowering plants from Spring to Autumn.