Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Why You Need a Patio Heater or Fire Pit

    Why You Need a Patio Heater or Fire Pit

    A Patio Heater or Fire Pit Warms Your Garden Once Summer’s Over

    The summer might be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean you have to head back indoors and hibernate until next spring. A patio heater or fire pit can provide the comfort

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  2. The September Garden Guide

    The September Garden Guide

    As we move out of summer, The September Garden Guide is here to remind you of your key gardening tasks for the coming month.

    During September, the nights will noticeably draw in and the temperature likely cool. It’s time to reflect on the passing

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  3. A Gazebo Adds Luxury to Your Garden

    a cedar roofed wooden garden gazebo with interior seating

    You Know You’ve Made it When You Own a Gazebo

    Gazebos are real standout garden buildings, aren’t they?

    Sheds, greenhouses and summer houses all fulfil essential roles, but there’s something uniquely special about owning a garden

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  4. Garden Seating Areas to Inspire Your Garden Design

    orangery style greenhouse in a garden setting

    Seating Areas for Gorgeous Garden Design

    Your garden seating area is a sanctuary after a hard day's work or a long afternoon weeding in the garden. It can also be the venue for family meals and entertaining guests.

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  5. The August Garden Guide

    The August Garden Guide

    August is the last full month of summer and one of the warmest of the year.

    As well as continuing with some of July’s tasks, you will need to address other areas of your garden too.  

    Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most

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