Garden Offices

Homeworking is here to stay and you’ll never look back once you’ve bought a specialist garden office. Find out everything you need to know about them here.

  1. 5 Fantastic Ways to Make (and Save) Money Using a Garden Log Cabin

    an infographic showing a log cabin in a garden

    Read our fantastic new log cabin infographic blog to discover how to earn (and save) money using your garden log cabin…

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  2. A Guide to Getting Power & Electricity to a Shed Safely [UPDATED]

    a man wearing black-rimmed glasses and a white hard hat inspects a switch in his hands

    Electrifying your shed is more than just a weekend DIY project. It involves careful planning, safety, and adhering to regulations. We now explore how your powered-up shed becomes a versatile and thrilling extension of your home.

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  3. Do Garden Offices Add Value to Your Home? The Best Garden Offices in 2023

    a man works at his desk in a garden office. There is a bookshelf to his right and a plant behind him. A clock on the wall in front of him  shows the time 12:45

    Have you ever considered improving your work-from-home setup with a garden office? If so, here we bring you some enticing garden office ideas and how to add value to your home.

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  4. Get an EXTRA 5% Off Forest Xtend Garden Office Sale Prices Now!

    Forest Xtend 4.0+ Insulated Garden Office 4.05m x 3.42m (97mm)

    Our incredible new garden office deal gives you an EXTRA 5% OFF the sale prices of 2 of Forest’s market-leading Xtend models. Find out more here…

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  5. What are the Best Log Cabins and Garden Offices for Homeworking?

    Forest Xtend 3.0 Insulated Garden Office 2.98m x 2.9m (97mm)

    Here, we examine the best log cabins and garden offices for homeworking. If you work from home, you really won’t want to miss this one…

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  6. 7 Magnificent Jubilee Offers to Celebrate 70 Years of The Queen’s Reign!

    12' x 8' Forest Tongue & Groove Apex Pressure Treated Wooden Double Door Shed

    Take advantage of our Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with 7 Magnificent Deals on some of your favourite garden products. We’ve got sheds, fencing, decking and so much more at exceptionally low, one-off Jubilee prices. Come on, get your Jubilee

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  7. A Log Cabin: The Answer to Working From Home

    A Log Cabin: The Answer to Working From Home

    Working from home is many people’s dream, but with the onset of the coronavirus and more companies embracing remote working, it could soon beome a reality for more and more employees.

    Read our comprehensive guide to setting up your own home office

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  8. Portable Gas Heaters to Warm Your Shed

    A black gas cabinet heater in the corner of a room

    A portable gas heater is essential if you’re going to spend time in a shed, summer house or log cabin during the cold winter months. Find out more about what portable gas heaters have to offer, here.

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  9. Working from Home: Using your Shed or Log Cabin as a Garden Office

    Home working is becoming increasingly popular, especially when many companies and public sector employers are introducing desk sharing. Shedworking is not a new idea, as several writers and artists have taken to their sheds for solace in the past – most

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  10. Do I Need Planning Permission for Sheds or Log Cabins?

    A question we often get asked is “Do I need planning permission”? Usually, this is aimed at our log cabins, sometimes our larger garden sheds and, in one memorable conversation, at our compost bins…

    With the current economic climate and ‘difficult’

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