A Log Cabin: The Answer to Working From Home

2021 and Working from Home

Since the first wave of COVID-19, many companies have decided to make home-working a permanent part of their infrastructure.

In fact, a September 2020 survey carried out by the Institute of Directors found that 74% of directors intend to continue with increased home-working as part of their organsiations even after the virus is under control.

For the forseeable future, with self-isolation periods and employers doing all they can to reduce spreading the virus, working from home is an important factor in our work lives.


Preparing to Work from Home

If you are temporarily working from home, you need to take various practical steps.

Make sure any passwords, web bookmarks and reference documents you keep on your desktop are saved to your cloud. Assess what software you will need on your home laptop or PC and what security you will need to have in place.

Create a dedicated work space. Ideally, this will be a distraction free area that you can walk away from at the end of the day. Of course, at Buy Sheds Direct, we think a log cabin would be the best home office for achieving high productivity with a healthy work/life balance.

Consider how you will communicate with your team or teams. Many companies use a dedicated messenger service such as Slack and work cooperatively on Google Docs and other work sharing platforms. Video conferencing may be an option if you have the equipment. It is important that there is daily communication about priorities and each individual's tasks for the day to keep the whole team in the loop and motivated.


Looking to Work from Home Permanently?

We've been supporters of the working from home movement long before the coronavirus came on the scene. So, when we think about working from home, we look at long term solutions.

Indeed, many staff who self-isolate or have a temporary move to working from home may request to make it a more permament situation. The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has collected data showing that the number of UK workers who have switched to remote-working has increased by nearly a quarter of a million over a decade with over 4 million people working from home in 2019. Predictions last year were that half the work force would be working from home in 2020 - a figure that may well increase with the onset of COVID-19.



The Benefits of Working from Home

dog at the feet of a person working from home in an office chairNo more rush hour traffic jams, extortionate business rates or hastily-prepared packed lunches; instead, you’ll be in full control of your job from the convenience and comfort of your own home.

You'll have no office politics to worry about; no battle over whether the office is too hot or too cold; and you won't have to make 6 cups of tea when it's your turn for the tea round.

What’s more, without the journeys to and fro, you’ll have an extra hour or two to spare each day and more money in your pocket.

An article by Yahoo Finance cites a PGi survey which reveals that 83% of remote workers feel less stressed

Plus, if you have a furry friend, you'll both benefit from the calming company.

The Benefits of Working from a Garden Office

the view into a garden shed window to see a home office

One of the difficulties of working from home is separating home and work life. If your desk is permanently ensconsced in the living room or your papers are contiually spread over the kitchen table, it can be hard to switch off.

Creating a garden office helps set the boundaries between home and work. You avoid the distractions of day time telly, parcel deliveries and children eager to 'help' mummy or daddy with their paperwork. 

You can still make your garden office an environment you are comfortable in, with your favourite pictures, the radio playing if you wish and you can even wear your slippers!

Decision made. What next?

We're here to help.

When setting up a home office, as is so often the case in life, the first step is the most difficult one.

Where should you begin? What will you need to buy? Which option should you choose?

Don’t worry, Buy Sheds Direct is here to help.

As we specialise in garden buildings and all associated products, we can show you the best way to achieve your garden office dream.

Choosing the Right Garden Building

Which garden building is best for a garden office? A shed, a summer house or a log cabin?

Sheds as Garden Offices

a garden office in a garden shed

A shed is designed to provide storage for garden equipment and tools - items that don't mind the cold and slightly damp air. They tend to only have 12mm thick cladding which doesn't provide the year round insulation we would want.

However, if you are opt for a tongue and groove shed - which is the most watertight, weather resilient construction for a shed - and are happy to add insulation or a heater, you may be happy in a shed office.



Summer Houses as Garden Offices

A corner summerhouse used as a garden office for working from homeA summerhouse, such as the Forest Oakley 8x8 Corner Summerhouse pictured here, will certainly be easier on the eye as it is designed to be an attractive shelter in the garden. However, the majority of summer houses also have 12mm cladding so will need the same sort of extras as a shed to make it a more comfortable room.

This can be a particularly good option for parents who just work from home during the summer school holidays.

Some summer houses, such as the Harvington, do offer an internal cladding option which will be a step towards creating a better insulated summerhouse.

The interior of the Harvington Summerhouse with interior lining



Log Cabins as Garden Offices

The interior of the Forest Garden Chiltern Log Cabin being used as a garden officeThe best garden building to transform into a garden office is a log cabin. Designed to be both aesthetically appealing and more insulated, a log cabin lends itself much better to office conversion than a shed or summerhouse. Log cabins come in a wide range of styles to suit every taste and garden. However, cladding or wall thickness is still an important consideration.


Log Cabin Wall Thickness Explained

log cabin cladding intersection close upWhereas a shed or summerhouse will be measured by cladding thickness, log cabins tend to have a more log like construction so we just refer to wall thickness. This can range from 28mm to 70mm.

Generally speaking, a garden building with 44mm-thick cladding is suitable to use as a home office throughout the year. Obviously, the thicker the walls, the better insulated the home office will be.



Choosing the Right Size Log Cabin

Your garden space will be the greatest determiner of what size log cabin you can accommodate. Next will be your budget: log cabins range from around £700 to around £13,500

You will also need to consider your type of business. If you just need a space away from a distracting household to work on your PC, you may just need space for a chair, desk and printer. If you need lots of file storage, you may also need space for shelves and filing cabinets.

For those who want to see clients or will want to meet with colleagues, space for a table and chairs may be required.

If you're going to want an area for making drinks, a small television or a refrigerator, plan for these too.

A smaller garden office

A lovely example of a smaller log cabin is the Palmako Heidi 3.9 x 3m. To maximise your outdoor space, you could also opt for a corner cabin, such as the Palmako Melanie 2.8x2.8m.

Small Palmako pent roof Log Cabin in a garden

small Palmako Melanie corner log cabin

A medium garden office

A charming garden log cabin with large overhang roof and a verandaIf you need a little bit more space, the Windsor Woburn 5x3m Log Cabin is a charming, budget friendly choice that still boasts 44mm thick walls and even has double glazing to enhance insulation even further. 

Plus, its veranda and overhang are both attractive and practical - protecting the front of the log cabin and providing extra space to enjoy a coffee on that mid-morning break.

A larger garden office

The Forest Blakedown Garden Log Cabin

A grand example of a large log cabin is the Forest Garden Blakedown 6x4m.

This spacious log cabin has an abundance of glazing that will provide plenty of light to work by. The turn and tilt mechanism of the windows adds that extra modern touch.

With 21m2 of space, you'll have more than enough room for your office furniture and more.



Big on budget, size and flexibility

A digital layout of the interior of a very large garden log cabin

A log cabin that boasts both size and ultimate 70mm wall thickness, the Palmako Anna 7.8m x 4.8m Log Cabin is an impressive building.

Built from prime Nordic spruce, double glazed, and with the option to purchase a number of premium roof covers, this garden building makes a wonderful home office.

The interior walls and ample space which make this a multi-purpose garden cabin are just two of the reasons why the Palmako Anna such a luxurious choice.

The Palmako Anna very large garden log cabin

Garden Building Parking

a flat-roofed log cabin with a sheltered parking space

Perhaps this isn’t the first thing you think about when planning a garden office but, whether you want your car on hand for business trips or would like a sheltered parking space for visiting clients, it’s reassuring to know the facility is there.

The Palmako Ella 6x3m Log Cabin is ideal.

Although the cladding isn’t quite as thick as we’d usually recommend for year-round usage, a portable gas heater should still provide a 

What's Your Style?

If you have a modern garden, perhaps with slatted fencing and structural plants, you will prefer a more contemporary log cabin. Try the Palmako Annika or the Forest Garden Wolverley

modern garden log cabin the Palmako Annika

The Forest Garden Wolverley Garden Log Cabin

If a more traditional style is for you, try the Shire Azay 4.5x4.2m or the Palmako Susanna 5.3x3.2m Log Cabins:

Shire Azay Traditional log cabin with small veranda The Palmako Susanna traditional garden log cabin with covered porch


Adding Power to Your Garden Office

a solar panel positioned on a lawn

If you are investing in a garden office, you may want to put aside some of your budget for an electrician. A qualified electrician will be able to run an armored cable (this protects it from animals, lawnmowers etc) through your garden - usually underground - to your log cabin.

You will then have an easy supply of electricity for computers, lights, printers, kettles etc.

However, if you want to save money you can opt for solar power. With technological advances, it is more reliable than ever - even in unreliable British weather.

Simple to install into your log cabin, without the need for an electrician, these power stations and solar hubs will provide your garden office with an independent, reliable and FREE source of electricity.

Don't forget your wifi.

Plug-in wifi boosters will ensure your internet connection reaches your log cabin. As your mobile phone will be your office phone and you'll want your PC or laptop to access the internet, it is important to get your wifi connection right.




Adding Light to Your Log Cabin

solar interior lighting for a log cabin or summerhouseIf you are connecting your home office to mains electricity, this is as easy as plugging in an angle poise lamp or turning on the overhead light.

If you are opting for solar power, you may have chosen a combined solar power lighting hub. These come with a whole choice of lighting options: strip lights, pendant lights, floor lamps and table lamps.

Take the Solartech Premium Garden Building Solar LIghting Kit 7 for example. It includes 2 floor lamps and a pendant ceiling light.

Again, by utilising solar energy, it offers you up to 5 hours of free lighting per day. Plus 2 USB ports allow you to charge mobile phones and other devices while a 12v adaptor can run small appliances.

Easy to install with no specialist skills, this high-end solar lighting kit comes with a 10-year warranty on the panel and a 2-year warranty on the hub.


Heating for Garden Home Office

a red portable gas cabinet heater

When you leave the rat race behind, you’re only forgoing its negative aspects.

There’s no need to sacrifice the little pleasures of the office too.

If connecting to mains electricity, you can use an electric heater.

If not a portable gas heater allows you to heat your garden office, so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature the whole year round.

The Lifestyle Seasons Warmth Red Portable Gas Cabinet Heater fits the bill perfectly.

With a maximum heat output of 4.2KW, this CE-approved portable heater features Piezo ignition, 3 separate heat settings and a number of intelligent safety features.

Whichever heating your choose, make sure it is suitable for the space and that you follow all health and safety advice provided with the product.



Furnishing a Home Office

minimal wooden desk with monitor, keyboard and lampIf you are relocating your home office from the house, chances are you can move your computer equipment and furniture straight from its previous location, with minimal fuss.

One consideration is flooring. Compared to OSB or sheet flooring which can sag, a tongue and groove floor will provide greater strength to support furniture and years of footfall. Look for pressure treated floor bearers too as these add further stability and keep the floor away from the damp surface below.

It is worth mentioning here that all log cabins should be constructed on a solid, level base such as concrete. If you are planning to erect your garden office on an area that is currently grassed, this will need to be prepared; you can lay concrete or you can opt for a Plastic Log Cabin Base Kit which is a grid system garden building base that, once the grass area is levelled, is laid out then covered in pea shingle - a quicker and less messy process than poured concrete.




Insurance and Planning Permission for Garden Buildings

a person using a laptop

Insuring Garden Buildings

Think about the type of work you do and the risks you need to cover.

Will you have visitors to your home office? If so, you may want to consider taking out public liability insurance. Although not compulsory, it will protect you from any claims made by people who suffer an accident while visiting your business premises.

Overall, the best place to start is your own home insurance company, who will talk you through the options available to you.

Depending on the levels of cover that they offer, you may wish to speak to a specialist business insurer too.

Planning Permission

When you buy a standard garden shed or summer house for recreational use, you do not need to apply for planning permission.

However, if said garden building is above 2.5m in height, particularly when in close proximity to your garden boundary, you may require planning permission.

With regards to garden offices, our advice on this matter is simple: if you’re intending to use a garden building as your place of work, regardless of its height or location, it’s important to do things correctly.

Therefore, in all circumstances, you should contact your local council’s planning department to check their rules and requirements.

Try this planning portal for starters.

The Forest Melbury pent roof garden log cabin with office furniture insideThe Home of Garden Offices

Here at Buy Sheds Direct, we stock all of the major requirements for a home-based business.

Start be selecting from our wonderful range of log cabin offices now.

If you need advice on any of our products, our UK-based experts are always on hand to help.