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  1. Shed of the Year 2016: Episode One

    Shed of the Year 2016: Episode One

    On Friday night we saw the triumphant return of the highly anticipated and hotly contested event in every shed owner’s calendar – Shed of the Year. Now, in its tenth year, this uniquely British competition celebrates the splendour of all things shed!

    The once humble garden shed has become a home for hidden passions, hobbies, cutting edge design and some rather surprising new uses. This com

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  2. Shed of the Year 2016: TV air dates

    Shed of the Year 2016: TV air dates

    After what seems like a lifetime since the shortlisted favourites were announced, we are pleased to say that there has been an update on the 2016 Shed of the Year competition!

    Yesterday, Shedblog announced that the competition will be airing on TV from next Friday and will also be available on 4OD if you can't catch it when it shows on Channel 4.

    Shed of the Year TV air dates

    Starting from Friday 29th July, the 2016 edition of Shed of the Year will air at 8.00pm.

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  3. Your July Garden

    Your July Garden

    July brings plenty of flowers, the first pickings from my small veg plot and cucumber after cucumber from the greenhouse. I've also revisited my past and started a cacti collection again – takes me back decades – with plenty to do in the garden. Watering of hanging baskets, containers and pots, checking for bugs on my roses and feeding where plants look hungry. It's a proper gardening month!

    What to do for your July garden

    • Feed plants growing in containers
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