Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the answers to our most frequently asked questions about our products, order process and delivery. If you are still unable to find an answer to your question then please contact us on 0333 003 0514 and we will do all we can to help.

This information is for guidance only and does not affect the Terms and Conditions.


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Ordering & Delivery

  • We aim to deliver your item on the day that you choose during checkout or as provided by the manufacturer. Please note: we cannot take responsibility for unforeseen circumstances on route.

  • We deliver to the majority of the UK. Enter your postcode into the postcode checker on the product page to confirm. We do not send items overseas. Please see our delivery page for more details.

  • For all products, other than fencing and decking orders under £200, delivery is free to most of the UK. There are certain postcode areas which will have a surcharge. Enter your postcode into the postcode checker during checkout to calculate any delivery costs and delivery date availability.

    Fencing and decking orders of £200 or above are also eligible for free delivery. There will be a small order charge of £24.99 for any fencing and decking orders under £200.

  • Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email detailing the order reference, items ordered, the delivery address and amount paid. If the product offered pick-a-day delivery, your product will be delivered on the day you selected; if it was not available, the delivery team will be in touch within the lead time indicated on the product page to inform you of a delivery date. 

  • You will be contacted within the lead time given on the product page. If you have not heard within this time, please contact our customer service team. Every manufacturer will advise the day they plan to deliver your product before trying to deliver.

  • If an item is out of stock, we will call you to advise you of this and inform you of when the item is expected to be back in stock. You can either wait for this item, change to an alternative product or choose to be refunded.

  • Please call our customer service team and we will be happy to help with any changes you require.

  • Each product description will indicate if fixings are supplied with the product. Our Add-ons tab will list other products you may want to consider, such as installation, bases and security. Details of tools required for assembly are advised within the installation guide.

  • Unfortunately, you cannot collect your order. We are not insured to have members of the public on site. All orders are delivery only.

  • If you will not be available on the date given for delivery, we are able to amend this to a later date if more suitable; alternatively, our drivers will be able to leave your purchase with a neighbour or in a safe place with your express permission in advance.

    Please contact us so that we can pass these special instructions onto our carrier. Failure to advise us will result in the product being returned to the carrier.

  • Our fencing panels will be delivered on a pallet and banded together for ease of distribution. All garden buildings will arrive flat packed.

  • Unfortunately, deliveries cannot be taken into your garden; we only offer kerbside deliveries.

  • Yes, you can have order delivered to an allotment if the allotment has a postcode. You will need to leave clear instructions for the driver as to where to leave the item if you are not there to take delivery.

  • This very rarely happens; however, if it does, please call our customer service team and we will arrange for these parts to be sent out to you as soon as possible.



  • We provide an installation service on selected products. Please see the Add-ons tab on the product page; installation will be an option where available.

  • Installation costs vary according to products. If installation is available on a product, this will be listed - along with the cost - in the Add-ons tab on the product page.

  • Some ranges, such as the Ultimate Shed Range, do offer installation on the same day as delivery. For most products, however, delivery and installation will be arranged separately.

  • If you have not purchased a base with base installation, you will need to provide and prepare any base yourself.

    Clear the surrounding area by at least 1 foot.


Payments & Returns

  • Yes, all of our prices are inclusive of VAT.

  • Payment is required in full at the time the order is placed.

  • Our website is designed for easy navigation and offers clear instructions for all our products on how to place an order online.

    However, if you prefer to place an order by phone, call our customer service team on 0333 003 0514, and we'll be happy to process your order. Please ensure that you have your debit/credit card details available so we can process your payment.

  • You can pay for your order by Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, Mastercard, Mastercard Debit, Delta/Connect, Switch or Solo either online or over the phone. When you pay online at Buy Sheds Direct for your purchase, you can be sure that your payment details will be safe and secure. We use an established and trusted secure payment provider: Opayo, formerly Sage Pay.

    The moment you give us your card details, you will see a padlock at the bottom of your browser window which tells you that you have entered a secure area. Once you submit your details, they will be encrypted before they leave your computer and then remain encrypted until the reach our payment provider. They then pass the payment onto us.

  • If your order has not yet been delivered and you would like to cancel your order, contact our customer service team as soon as possible before the day of delivery. You should contact us by both telephone (in order to stop the delivery promptly) and in writing (email or post) to officially cancel.

    However, if your order includes personalised requirements, there is no right to cancel.

  • If you have received your item and wish to discuss a return, please call us as soon as possible. We will be able to discuss any issues and investigate any possible charges (see below). We would also require your request in writing by post or email ([email protected]).

  • In certain situations, a charge may be levied for the collection of goods you wish to return. Buy Sheds Direct neither initiates nor profits from any such charges and they are levied at the direct cost for the collection of the goods. If there is a charge for collection, we will notify you as soon as we know. Any charges are retained from the refund returned to customers.

    See our Terms and Conditions page for more detailed legal information regarding the returns and cancellation procedure.


Product Enquiries

  • Our timber products are made from European softwood, using a variety of species unless otherwise stated.

  • Please look at the product information or specification below the image of the product you are viewing. For garden buildings, a line drawing with the dimensions is also provided. More detailed dimensions can also be found on the installation and/or technical guides. If you require any further information please call us on 0333 003 0514.

  • Unfortunately, we do not have a showroom; however, all of our products with full details can be viewed online.

  • We only stock the sizes indicated on the website.

  • The majority of our wooden sheds and plastic sheds come with a floor. However, there are a few models which do not. Please check each product's details for confirmation or call our customer service team. Our range of metal sheds are supplied without a floor.

  • If the space where you are placing your shed is a grassed area, you will require a base. We have a wide range of plastic bases available or a wooden base may be offered as part of the Add-ons for the product. However, a shed can be placed directly on slabs or concrete if the surface is solid and level. 

  • We stock a range of security or windowless sheds which will suit these requirements. We do have a range of sheds where a window can be removed to create a windowless shed; this option will be indicated in the Add-ons tab if it is available. If you are unsure, please call our customer service team for help.

  • In most cases, you can erect the shed so the windows are on either side. Please, however, check the installation guide or call our customer service team for confirmation of this before purchase.

  • We provide an installation service on most but not all sheds. Please see the Essentials Extras on the product page; installation will be an option where available.

  • Yes, if windows are indicated as part of the product, the glazing material will be provided.

  • Dip and pressure treatment are both preservative processes which protect against rot and fungal decay. Mould, on the other hand, is a surface-dwelling fungus. It may cause discolouration but will not cause the timber to rot. The timber used to build sheds is a natural material so will get damp and this may lead to mould. We do not recommend keeping clothing or fabric products in a shed due to the greater likelihood that fabric materials in damp conditions will encourage mould that could spread. If patches of mould develop on the shed, we recommend using a mould remover which contains mildewcide.


Planning Permission

  • You don't usually need planning permission for domestic outbuildings, as long as they are used for a domestic purpose related to your house. However, you may require planning permission if any of the following apply (the list is not exhaustive, so if in doubt please check with your local planning authority):

    • If you plan to erect the shed within 5 metres of any part of your house.
    • If the total area of the ground covered by any buildings or other structures in the garden area (excluding the original, main house) is greater than 50% of the total garden area.
    • If there is a condition in the original planning consent for your property which states that garden sheds/outhouses etc. cannot be erected with or without the consent of the local planning authority.
    • If your property is a listed building or within a conservation area or an area of outstanding natural beauty. If this is the case, you will need to contact your local planning authority as development will be restricted.
    • If you plan to run a business from the building, or use it to store goods in connection with a business.
    • In addition, no part of the garden building should be nearer to the public highway than the existing house, or any point 20 metres from that highway, whichever is nearer to the highway.
  • If your property is a listed building or in a conservation area, it is likely you will need the appropriate listed building/conservation area consent.

    In some cases, properties can be subject to "restrictive covenants", preventing building in your back garden. You should check whether there are any restrictions on the property register at HM Land Registry against this type of development. If you fall into this category, the consent of the person with the benefit of the restrictive covenant should be sought.

    The current planning permission at your property may contain a condition that negates permitted development rights. Such conditions sometimes apply en masse to the surrounding area. Check with your local planning authority.

    If you are not sure whether you can erect your garden building without planning permission, we suggest you err on the side of caution and call your local planning authority. In most cases,  you will be given an answer straight away.

    We accept no liability for the accuracy of any information supplied in this customer notice and you are always advised to seek professional advice.


Forest Pressure Treated Sheds

  • OSB or solid sheet is made up of layers of cross oriented strands of timber which are bonded with a waterproof resin. Their unique formation allows them to withstand high levels of stress.

  • The floor joists are 1” squared joists.

  • Pressure treated sheds should not be painted until the treatment has weathered; this can take 2-3 months. Paint will not adhere properly to the greenish residue of the treatment. If you do decide to paint the timber, make sure the paint is wood-friendly and suitable for pressure treated sheds.

  • It is not recommended to treat a pressure treated shed. It will come with a 15 year anti-rot guarantee which does not require re-treatment. It is, of course, up to your discretion if you wish to treat the shed again.

  • Pressure treated sheds have a natural timber finish. There can be a slight greenish hue in places which is residue from the treatment.

  • All joists are pressure treated.

  • The felt supplied is standard black mineral felt which is long lasting. This is included in the price of the building. We do not offer an alternative felt. However, we do stock SkyGuard which is a roof membrane guaranteed to not rip or need repair for 20 years - this alternative to roof felt can be purchased separately.

  • The polycarbonate glazing is easy to transport direct to the home. Polycarbonate windows are very durable: they do not crack and they will not discolour from UV exposure. This makes them perfect for outdoor buildings.


Forest Dip Treated Sheds

  • The floor joists are 1” squared joists.

  • You can treat the shed with any fence or shed water-based treatment such as Cuprinol. We stock a timber treatment - see the drop down menu - or you can purchase other treatments from a DIY store. A dip treated shed should be treated yearly to maintain its longevity and to uphold the warranty.

  • The 10-year anti-rot warranty covers rot only; preservative treatment needs to be applied annually to maintain this guarantee. The manufacturer also offers a 12 month warranty which covers any manufacturing issues that may arise during the first year.

  • All joists are pressure treated to protect the joists and floor from rot or fungal decay.

  • The felt is guaranteed for 12 months.

  • The polycarbonate glazing is easy to transport direct to the home. Polycarbonate windows are very durable: they do not crack and they will not discolour from UV exposure. This makes them perfect for outdoor buildings.

  • The felt supplied is standard black mineral felt which is long lasting. This is included in the price of the building. We do not offer an alternative felt. However, we do stock SkyGuard which is a roof membrane guaranteed to not rip or need repair for 20 years - this alternative to roof felt can be purchased separately.


Palram Canopia Plastic Buildings

  • The plastic used in manufacturing Palram Canopia plastic sheds is a virtually unbreakable polycarbonate expertly designed to be robust and durable. They are 100% UV protected so will not discolour, fracture or shatter. These plastic sheds do not rot or rust and they require no maintenance to enjoy a long life. In fact, Palram Canopia sheds have a 10 year guarantee, like dip treated timber sheds, yet don't require re-treatment to remain strong and attractive.

  • The guarantee covers "defects in material or workmanship". Your guarantee will arrive with your product and you will then be eligible to register for this with the manufacturer directly.

  • You cannot just place a shed on grass. All sheds need a strong, level base such as concrete or slabs. For true stability, you will need to use hilti screws to attach your Palram Canopia shed to the base. (Hilti screws are not included but are available at DIY stores)

  • All Palram Canopia sheds feature front and back vents to allow natural air circulation. This helps to combat condensation.

  • We do have shelf accessories for some of our Palram Canopia Sheds (please see the "Add-ons"). These are 3x1 shelves which can be attached to the inside of the unit (instructions supplied). We do stock free-standing shelves for sheds and garages; take a look at our shelving category.

  • All Palram Canopia sheds under 6ft include an anti-slip polycarbonate floor. However, larger buildings do not include a floor. Please check each individual product's specification for confirmation.

  • Not at the moment. Currently, we offer these high quality plastic sheds in amber, green or grey.

  • You can purchase an anchor kit from DIY stores.


Traditional Sheds

  • We would not recommend any shingle or gravel bases. You need to ensure the base is completely solid and level, as an unsuitable base will affect the life of the building. For instance, an uneven surface could cause the building to twist over time. A timber base can be suitable as long as it is designed to support the building fully and the ground beneath is both solid and level. We recommend concrete, slabs or our plastic Pro Shed Base Kits (with suitable level ground preparation).

  • You can choose the door position on many Traditional Garden Buildings. Further details can be found on the relevant product page. Alternately, contact our UK-based Customer Service Centre, who will be happy to guide you through your options.

  • Yes, depending on the shed in question, available optional upgrades might include an extra-wide door, a stable-style door, double doors, an additional door, choice of door position, conversion of a fixed window into an opening window, removal of windows, wooden floor bearers, a Pro Shed Base Kit, and an upgrade to pressure-treated timber. Again, see the relevant product page or speak to our Customer Service Centre for precise details.

  • Dip-treated Traditional Garden Buildings need retreating with a high-quality wood preservative within 6 weeks of assembly and annually thereafter. If you upgrade to pressure-treated wood, no further treatment with wood preservative is required but you should still apply a water repellent to the garden building within 6 weeks of assembly and annually thereafter.

Yardmaster Metal Sheds

  • Metal sheds generally do not come with bases; therefore, these buildings need to be anchored securely to your solid level base. Some of our range does include floor kits, which are metal frames to which you can secure a timber floor (not included).

  • Metal sheds can suffer from condensation. Yardmaster sheds, however, feature ventilation along the eaves and ridge to combat this problem.

  • You will need to have laid a suitable shed base, such as concrete, slabs or one of our plastic shed bases on a pre-prepared level area.

    When the shed arrives, check off all items from the parts list provided before you start. Make sure you have assistance available; we recommended two people, and 3-6 hours assembly time depending on the product, weather and size of the unit. Do not assemble a shed on a windy day.

  • All sheds need a substantial base. The base should be solid, flat and level to ensure the stability of your shed. We recommend using paving slabs, tarmac or concrete. A solid concrete base is more permanent and provides an excellent base for a metal shed. Paving slabs are another practical and cost effective option, especially for a smaller shed.

  • All of the sheds are available as advertised on the website. We are unable to supply any made-to-order sizes.

  • We recommend for the solid base should be the same size as the floor of your building. This will allow for water to run off the sides and drain away, rather than collecting at the base and running under the building.

  • All Yardmaster metal sheds are delivered with detailed and illustrated assembly instruction manuals. Assembly requires no special technical knowledge. You will need an extra pair of hands and should expect assembly to take between 3 and 6 hours. Yardmaster also offer helplines should you need any extra assistance.

  • We recommend the assembly of the shed be completed by 2 adults.

  • The walls are 0.35mm thick and the door is 0.5mm thick.

  • The guarantee for your metal shed covers rust and perforation. Your guarantee will arrive with your product and you will then be eligible to register your warranty with the manufacturer directly.