Picket Fencing

Ideal for front and rear gardens, picket fencing is a popular and tasteful option for low-lying, informal garden boundaries. The gaps between the pales allow natural light to filter into the garden, and help you keep an eye on your children and pets. Choose from our great range of picket fence panels for sale to create your perfect fence run.


Much of our picket fencing is UK-made, pressure treated and has an impressive 15-year anti-rot guarantee, with no retreatment required. Why not read our fencing buying guide, which features a section about traditional fencing construction, including picket fencing? Fence panels are delivered free to most UK postcodes, on orders above £100, so make Buy Sheds Direct your first port of call for picket/ palisade fencing.

Forest 6’ x 3’ Pressure Treated Contemporary Picket Fence Panel (1.83m x 0.9m)
Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Contemporary Picket Fence Panel

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest Pressure Treated Pale Panel 0.9m High
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Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Pale Picket Fence Panel

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Pale Panel 0.9m High
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Forest 6' x 3' Heavy Duty Pale Picket Fence Panel

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest Palisade Fence Panel 0.9m High
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Forest 6' x 3' Wooden Pale Picket Fence Panel

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10-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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What is picket fencing?

Picket fencing, most commonly seen in the front garden, is a traditional and attractive type of fencing that has widely spaced vertical boards or pickets, usually with pointed or rounded tops.

The pickets are typically connected to a horizontal or vertical board or mounted to smaller fence posts or stakes. This type of fencing is most often used as a decorative boundary or partitioning area around gardens, lawns, and other outdoor spaces whilst still allowing light and air to pass through they also provide security and privacy.

The picket fencing panels we sell at Buy Sheds Direct are made from high-quality wood. This type of fencing adds a classic, timeless look to any outdoor space and most a traditional décor for both front gardens and rear gardens. Wooden picket fencing panels are relatively easy to install and maintain and can be customised in terms of height, picket spacing, and the types of pickets used. Buy our picket fence panels as a lightweight, and sensibly priced option. They are ideal for those who want to create a low-maintenance garden boundary that adds a traditional style to any outdoor space.

What are the available picket fence panels from Buy Sheds Direct?

Picket fence panels are a classic and popular choice for garden fencing. They add a decorative touch to any garden, providing a neat and tidy border which can be easily viewed from either side. Our picket fence panels are available in a variety of designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your garden.


Our 6x3 picket fence panels are made from either dip treated (10 years guarantee) or pressure treated timber (15 years guarantee) and feature an attractive pointed top design. The pale picket fence panels measure 90cm in height and are supplied in widths of either 1.8m or 1.83m. They are a great choice for those looking for a classic and simple garden fence that will look great for many years. We also sell a heavy-duty version, which is well worth the extra cost!

The Forest 6x3 pressure treated contemporary picket fence panel is an ideal choice for a modern garden. Manufactured by Forest Garden, this stylish picket fence panel is constructed from pressure treated timber, giving it extra strength and durability to ensure it stands the test of time.

Each panel measures 6ft x 3ft and features a classic picket fence with a modern twist! The design has pointed finials on the top and bottom of each picket. The natural timber has a light green hue that will blend in seamlessly with your garden’s landscape. The picket fence panels are easy to install and are supplied with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

If a picket fence isn’t for you, we stock a wide variety of other panels, fence posts, and accessories.

Need help selecting a picket fence? Get guidance from Buy Sheds Direct

Contact Buy Sheds Direct if you need support when buying our picket fencing panels for sale. Our team of garden building experts is available for support and guidance about costs, fencing styles, technical specifications, guarantees, delivery and availability, etc., Buy all your fencing supplies online in just a few minutes (and clicks!)

You do not even need to leave your door. We deliver nationally to most postcodes and offer a wider and more competitively-priced selection of picket fencing than local suppliers, so there’s no need to search for “picket fence panels sale near me” when we have everything you need right here.

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