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We have a fantastic selection of summer houses for sale, in a whole host of different styles and sizes. We're confident you'll find the summerhouse for your outdoor space within our terrific range. Our wooden summerhouses come complete with lengthly anti-rot guarantees of up to 25 years too; they're built to stand the test of time.


Plus, we offer free delivery to the vast majority of UK mainland postcodes on all of our summer houses for sale, and 'pick-a-day' is available on selected products. For help and advice on choosing the perfect summer house, read our Summer House Buying Guide.

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Handpicked For You


Here at Buy Sheds Direct, we have a range of summer houses available. Make the most of your available space with our stylish summer houses.


For help and advice on choosing the perfect summer house, read our useful summer house buying guide.


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Relax in your garden with summer houses

Have you ever wanted to escape the daily grind of modern-day life and cannot find peace and quiet inside the family? If so, a summer house may be what you are looking for. Whatever your reason for moving to the garden, our traditional and contemporary summer houses will blend in seamlessly with your existing furniture and garden buildings.

Our summer garden houses for sale are a fabulous way to unwind after a hard day's work with entertaining, gym & exercise, hobbies, reading, and writing, all being examples of popular leisure pursuits. Alternatively, a summer house is a great place to reclaim space in the home by moving your home office outdoors. There is no need to invite visitors inside your home when you can meet them in your garden summer house office.

What sizes are available?

Summer garden houses vary between 6’x4’ and 17’x12’ in size, which gives plenty of flexibility for space restrictions and also to meet different price budgets.

Plastic garden storage also has the added benefit of being very easy to assemble. Our range uses panels which interlock to create a strong structure within minutes.

Small summer houses

For the more compact outdoor space, our small summer houses are perfectly suited. They're excellent garden retreats.

Our small summer houses vary from 6’x4’ to 10’x8’ in size. Our most popular sizes in this range are 7x5, 7x7, 8x6, and 8x8.

Large summer houses

Large summer houses offer a huge amount of internal space for relaxation. Enjoy the outdoors more with our large summer houses.

Our large summer houses vary from 10’x8’ to 17’x12’ in size. Our most popular sizes in this range are 10x8, 12x8, and 12x10.

Popular summer house sizes

7x5 Summer Houses

A compact 7x5 summer house is a great addition to any outdoor space; these charming buildings add character whilst proving a space to unwind.

7x7 Summer Houses

On the smaller side, our 7x7 summer houses are wonderful for most outdoor spaces, still providing plenty of room for relaxation.

8x8 Summer Houses

An 8x8 summer house is an excellent investment suitable for any size of outdoor space; many of these options are designed for corners too.

10x8 Summer Houses

Ever popular, we have a wide range of 10x8 summer houses to choose from in a whole host of designs both contemporary and traditional.

12x8 Summer Houses

One of our most popular sizes, our 12x8 summer houses offer large internal space without dominating gardens.

12x10 Summer Houses

12x10 summer houses are amongst the largest in our range; many are constructed from tongue and groove timber for maximum strength too.

All Garden Summer Houses

Our full selection of garden summer houses encompasses a vast range of different styles and sizes; there's a design for every garden.

Can garden houses be used even in colder months?

We know that the name “summer house” can imply that they are intended for summer or warmer months use only. This is simply not the case, summer houses can be used across all four seasons, even in the coldest months.

Having said this, for heat retention and insulation it is undoubtedly true that log cabins are your best option. Featuring interlocking thick logs, which keep the cold out and the heat in.

Another option, of course, is portable gas heaters. We have a wide range available, and these are also useful for boosting heat when you need it in colder months.

Can I buy shed houses and have storage access too?

Summer houses are also sometimes called shed houses. In general, buyers tend to have different reasons for buying a shed when compared to a summer house. Shed buyers tend to need storage more often than summer house buyers.

We do, however, have summer houses with dedicated and separate storage. Shed houses offer everything you expect from a summer house with a little space for garden equipment and tools without causing clutter. Two models to consider when buying a summer house with storage are:

1) 10x8 Mercia premium summer house with side shed and
2) 12x8 Windsor contemporary wooden garden room with shed storage

Can I buy corner summer houses?

Yes, we certainly do. Make the most of your available space with our stylish corner summer houses. Our corner summer houses are superb for smaller spaces. Square or octagonal shaped summer houses neatly fill perhaps an awkward corner of a garden and are a great space saver.

Our corner summer houses are functional and visually appealing garden structures that are also a great focal point. View our complete range of corner summer houses here.

What treatment options are available?

Buy our summer houses either dip treated, or pressure treated, we describe these below:

Dip treated – timber which is dip treated is soaked with wood preservative on the outside surfaces. Summer houses are supplied dip treated but require annual retreatment with high-quality preservative, not only to maintain protection but also to keep the guarantee valid. Buy our wood preservative timber treatments here and

Pressure treated – timber which is pressure treated is soaked with wood preservative under intense pressure. This means every fibre of the timber is treated ensuring that the expected lifespan is much greater.

Style features to look for

Ultimately, this decision is up to you. Many garden storage buyers search for “garden storage near me”, but there is no need to. Buy Sheds Direct has everything you could need here online, here are just some of the reasons to buy from us:

  • 1) Cladding – options available are overlap, shiplap tongue and groove as well as tongue and groove
  • 2) Décor – choose from contemporary or traditional designs to match your decor
  • 3) Doors – choose from bifold, double or single doors
  • 4) Octagonal shape – we also have a good selection of octagonal summer houses. This design is eye-catching and creates a distinctive feature in any garden
  • 5) Picket fencing – buy a summer house with stylish picket fencing at the front
  • 6) Roofing – choose from apex, flat, pent, or reverse apex roofing styles and
  • 7) Veranda – add an impressive entrance with a veranda
  • 8) Contemporary – contemporary summer houses often have large windows, angular designs and glazed doors. They're ideal for modern outdoor spaces

Contact Buy Sheds Direct

If you are looking for a top-quality and cost-effective supplier of summer garden houses, choose Buy Sheds Direct. The detail above will help, but if you need additional advice and guidance do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are only a call away to discuss price, availability, and supporting information about our garden houses for sale. There is no need to buy summer houses for sale near me. We have everything you need right here at Buy Sheds Direct including delivery direct to your door in the mainland UK.

Contact Buy Sheds Direct today by calling 0333 003 0514. Email us through our online web form, which is on our contact page. Use Live Chat to text talk now, this can be accessed via the orange live chat icon on the right hand side or bottom left of every page.

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