Cold Frame Greenhouses

Our cold frames give your vegetables and plants the vital helping hand they need at the start of the growing season. A cold frame works in much the same way as a greenhouse, by trapping the warmth from sunlight to maintain the temperature of the soil and air when it gets cool outside, especially at night. They can also be used to increase the growing season of various vegetables by creating a warmer environment in very-early spring.


You can use our cold frames to grow herbs, flowers, and other plants from seed to full maturity and to protect your winter crops from the worst of the British weather. They are particularly useful for starting seedlings and providing ideal conditions for germination and growth, allowing gardeners to begin planting earlier in the season. Free delivery is available to most UK postcodes on our cold frame greenhouses.

Forest Large Wooden Cold Frame
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Forest Large Wooden Cold Frame

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Cold frames protect

Cold frames protect plants from frost, wind, and other harsh weather conditions, allowing gardeners to extend the growing season. Choose our Forest large wooden cold frame, which will perfectly retain heat and humidity. Apart from extending the growing season, cold frames offer several other benefits, such as protecting plants from pests and animals and hardening off plants before transplanting them. They can also serve as a storage area for garden tools and supplies.

Why use wooden cold frames?

Consider the following types of benefits as rationale for buying our wooden cold frames for sale:

  • Durability - wooden frames are durable, resilient, and can withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy snowfall
  • Easy customisation - gardeners can easily customise wooden frames by adjusting the size, height, and other features
  • Green-friendly - wooden frames are an environmentally friendly option as wood is biodegradable and a renewable resource
  • Insulation qualities - wood is a great insulator, helping to regulate temperatures and maintain heat inside the cold frame
  • Low-cost - wooden cold frames are affordable compared to other materials like PVC or metal
  • Low-maintenance - wood is a low-maintenance material that requires minimal upkeep, making it a practical choice for busy gardeners
  • Natural appearance - the natural look of wooden cold frames creates an attractive and seamless addition to any garden environment
  • Versatile - versatility is another benefit of wooden cold frames, as they come in different sizes and shapes to suit various plants and gardening requirements

How do you clean and maintain cold frame greenhouses?

To maintain the durability and productivity of cold frame greenhouses, proper cleaning and maintenance are crucial. Here are some measures you can adopt to keep your cold frame greenhouse in optimal condition:

  • Fix where needed - check the cover material for any holes or tears and fix or replace it as necessary
  • Heat levels - monitor the temperature and humidity levels within the greenhouse and regulate ventilation to avert issues like mould, mildew, and other related problems
  • Periodic inspection - inspect the frame, hinges, and hardware for any signs of wear or damage and replace them promptly. Regularly examine and service any heating or cooling systems to confirm their optimal functioning
  • Remove debris - periodically eliminate organic debris such as dead plant material, fallen leaves, and other waste from the soil and the surroundings to prevent the outbreak of pests and diseases
  • Wash occasionally - use a mild soap and water solution to cleanse the interior and exterior of the greenhouse, avoiding harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the structure or your plants

We think that by following these guidelines, owners can ensure their cold frame greenhouses remain a thriving space for all plants within them.

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