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  1. Love Is All Around the Garden, This Valentine’s Day

    models of a boy and girl, holding a heart and flower, stood next to plant pots

    If the weather’s cold and grey outside, come and warm your heart with us, as we reveal some fun Valentine’s Day facts and show you how to create a more romantic garden.

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  2. What are the Best Bike Storage Solutions for Bicycles, Electric Bikes and Motorbikes?

    a cyclist, his bike and a 6x3 green metal bike shed

    Whether you own a bicycle, e bike or motorbike, you’ll find the perfect bike storage solutions here…

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  3. 5 Fantastic Ways to Make (and Save) Money Using a Garden Log Cabin

    an infographic showing a log cabin in a garden

    Read our fantastic new log cabin infographic blog to discover how to earn (and save) money using your garden log cabin…

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  4. Understanding Tongue and Groove Shed Cladding [UPDATED]

    a close up photo of a shed, showing-off the tongue & groove cladding

    You’ve probably heard of tongue and groove, but what does it actually mean?

    Read on for a technical explanation of tongue and groove, details of its practical use, and how it compares to other types of cladding.

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  5. Ideas For Creating the Perfect Garden Shed Gym [UPDATED]

    a photo of a white floor with a set of analogue scales and 2 blue 2KG dumbbells

    Are you thinking about setting up a shed gym? We are here to guide you through the ins and outs of creating your very own dream workout space, right in your garden.

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  6. Complete Guide to Building and Installing a Perfect Garden Fence [UPDATED]

    Forest 5'11 x 5'11 Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel

    Fencing is a key component of any garden but it can be a subject riddled with jargon, leaving many people confused.

    Before investing your hard-earned money in modifying or updating your fence run, read our Complete Guide to Garden Fencing

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  7. How to Dismantle a Shed & Take It Down Properly [UPDATED]

    an old shed at the edge of a forest

    If your shed has come to its end of life and needs to be dismantled and disposed of, let us guide you through how to dismantle a shed safely.

    Read on to learn more in our how to dismantle a shed step by step guide.

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  8. 25+ Ideas & Clever Storage Solutions for Small Sheds [UPDATED]

    Scissors hanging up on a rack in a shed

    There are numerous creative and practical ways for providing storage solutions for sheds. A small shed can be turned into the ideal outdoor storage space. Check out these 25+ tips for an organised storage shed.

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  9. A Guide to Getting Power & Electricity to a Shed Safely [UPDATED]

    a man wearing black-rimmed glasses and a white hard hat inspects a switch in his hands

    Electrifying your shed is more than just a weekend DIY project. It involves careful planning, safety, and adhering to regulations. We now explore how your powered-up shed becomes a versatile and thrilling extension of your home.

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  10. Your Comprehensive "How To" Guide for Insulating a Shed [UPDATED]

    Insulating a shed roof

    If you love spending time in or working on your garden, you're sure to spend quite a bit of time in your shed. Though more pleasant in the summer, you can also make your shed a comfortable environment in colder weather too. Achieve this through insulating

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