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  1. Your Complete Garden Trellis Guide And 6 Great Plants for Trellis Panels

    yellow climbing roses growing up trellis

    Beautiful in its own right and divine with climbing plants, garden trellis is a must for any outdoor area.

    Discover trellis’s benefits, learn how to erect it, and let us share our six favourite climbing plants with you here, in this blog devoted entirely to trellis.

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  2. 7 Essential Fencing Accessories to Complete the Perfect Fence Run

    a montage of fence accessories, showing a post cap, fence post, gravel board and fence topper

    Good fence accessories form an essential part of any garden boundary.

    Discover the Top 7 Fence Accessories here, and learn why you need to purchase them to create your perfect fence run.

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  3. How Tall Can My Fence Be and What Are the Best Sized Fence Panels for My Garden?

    Rowlinson Palermo Grey Fence Panels, with solid infills, and of various heights

    Fence panels tend to be a standard width of 6ft but their height can vary widely, leaving many people unsure about which size to choose.

    Find out whether 3ft, 4ft, 5ft or 6ft fence panels are best for your garden, learn the legal requirements about fence height, and discover how to increase the height of an existing fence run.

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  4. The Best Ways to Prolong the Life of Your Garden Fence Panels

    someone using a brush to apply paint or stain to a fence

    When you’re spending a lot of money on a new fence run, you’ll want to make sure it stands the test of time.

    Discover the most durable types of fence panel and how to care for them here.

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  5. Top 5 Decorative Fencing Designs to Transform Your Garden

    Forest 5'11 x 4'11 Paloma Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel

    Decorative fencing is a sure-fire way to transform your garden.

    View the very latest designs, read advice on which ones to choose to match your requirements, and discover the many benefits of owning decorative fence panels here.

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  6. Achieve the Perfect Fence Run with Our Complete Guide to Garden Fencing

    Forest 5'11 x 5'11 Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel

    Fencing is a key component of any garden but it can be a subject riddled with jargon, leaving many people confused.

    Before investing your hard-earned money in modifying or updating your fence run, read our Complete Guide to Garden Fencing to gain a proper understanding of the factors to consider before creating your perfect fence run.

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  7. Father's Day work bench giveaway

    Father's Day work bench giveaway

    To celebrate Father's Day we are giving one lucky person the chance of winning one of our Forest Garden Work Bench worth £69.99

    We’re hosting the giveaway on our Buy Sheds Direct Instagram & 

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  8. Easter Egg Hunt

    Easter Egg Hunt

    It's almost Easter weekend and to celebrate we're hosting an Easter Egg Hunt!

    All you need to do is find the Easter Egg which we have hidden on one of our product pages.

    Once you've found the egg, visit our Buy Sheds Direct 

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  9. Forest York Hexagonal Planter Giveaway

    Forest York Hexagonal Planter Giveaway

    Enter our fantasic Autumn Giveaway now to be in the chance of winning one of our Forest York Hexagonal Planter set.

    We’re hosting the giveaway on our Buy Sheds Direct Instagram & 

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  10. Bug-Proofing Your Shed

    Bug-Proofing Your Shed

    While we love wildlife, we don't necessrarily want it inside our garden shed. Here are some top tips to help you bug-proof your shed.

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