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  1. How to turn your shed into a cosy winter hideaway

    How to turn your shed into a cosy winter hideaway

    Be it a Man Cave or She Shed, a secret snug is a place to savour. If yours is draughty, leaky and prone to spiders, moths and mice, then perhaps you need to put a little effort in to get it cosy. It doesn't take much.

    Clear the clutter

    No-one wants to share a space with a torn hessian sack or half empty and damp bag of charcoal (or is that just me?). With the rubbish gone, give the whole place a tidy. Find space elsewhere (garage perhaps?) for anything you don't use every week

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  2. Your September Garden

    Your September Garden

    School children go back to their learning institutions resplendent in over-sized blazers and blister-inducing, shiny black shoes. Crows and ravens return noisily to nest uncomfortably close in neighbours’ trees. Strictly Come Dancing revs up for its sprint to Christmas and…..there’s plenty to be getting on with in the garden. There are lots of crops to pick, dahlias to cut, gladioli to stake against the breeze as thoughts turn to planting again. After all, the soil is warm, the soil is moist, the s

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  3. How to Turn Your Shed into the Perfect Den: For Big Kids

    Remember the dens we built as children out of our parents’ bed sheets, cardboard boxes, old sacks and whatever else we could find? The amount of time we spent crafting dens with our siblings and friends could take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, especially during long school holidays. If there is one thing we learned to appreciate from creating these elaborate DIY dens, particularly during rainy weather, having a dry and comfortable hideaway to sneak away to outdoors helps to keep u

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  4. Clever storage ideas for small sheds

    There are a number of creative and practical ways to use shed space for storage. A small shed can be turned into the ideal outdoor storage space for all the garden and landscaping needs of the homeowner. The following ideas are suitable and practical for just about any small shed. In fact, the homeowner can save a great deal of time and energy when the garden or tools shed is well organised. Having an outdoor storage area that is organised can also save money. However, when the small shed is in

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  5. How to make a shed slate roof

    Slating is a process that has happened over hundreds of years. It is a system that guarantees secure roofing with only problems occurring in extreme circumstances. Slating is relatively cheap and will not take a long time to create, however, slate roofs are becoming more and more frequent thanks to the protection they offer.

    Before we look into materials and options, the first thing required is for you to find out the pitch of your roof. To do this, you can download an app onto your Smartphone

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  6. Which is the best shed felt to use?

    Which is the best shed felt to use?

    If you want your shed to provide weatherproof storage, you need to make sure that the roof and felt is in good condition; this is the main defence from the torrential rain that we see all year round.

    All sheds these days come with adequate roofing felt, made from mineral compositions

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  7. How to build a shed base with concrete blocks

    To maintain stability, prevent damage and reduce to rate that rot sets in on timber sheds, a base is required. Shed bases come in all different styles and sizes to suit all manners of sheds and a concrete block shed is considered one of the easiest and best bases you can create.

    Benefits of using a concrete block base:

    • The blocks act as a shed floor and therefore you do not need to build a secondary floor. 
    • The blocks can withstand wet tools
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  8. How to use paving slabs for a shed base

    With 2015 finally here, make this year the one you focus and finish the garden before summer so you can truly enjoy the warm weather we “should” see this year.

    Why not start with replacing the shed or if you have a shed that is still standing strong but could do with a bit of TLC, check out our guide here. An absolute must for any shed to keep it standing for a long time is an effective base, this can be achieved using paving slabs.

    Using paving slabs for a shed base is an eff

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  9. Hiding your wheelie bin - how to store it

    Wheelie bins are a necessity for sorting rubbish and recycling waste. Furthermore, refuse lorries do the heavy lifting now instead of the bin men who used to have to break their backs to lift rubbish. Wheelie bins also are safer for everyone, protecting from glass and other sharp objects poking through the black plastic sacks. Though the advantages of the wheelie bins are numerous, there is a downside to their pervasive use. For those people who can hide their wheelie bins away and out of sight

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  10. Soundproofing a shed for drums!

    A love of drumming may not be shared by the whole family or, indeed, the whole neighbourhood. Therefore, a soundproofed shed or summerhouse is a great 'music room' for all that drumming practice. Of course, it will work just as well with other musical instruments.

    If your budget allows, you can employ a specialist company to soundproof your garden building. However, if you are working to a budget and want to try a bit of DIY, our ideas should help you. You will never fully soundproof

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