Monthly Archives: November 2015

  1. Your December Garden

    Your December Garden

    As feverish talk about the odds of a white Christmas give way to the premature shattering of New Year’s resolutions, it would be fair to say that in winter gardeners have an excuse to sit back, snooze and dream of spring. With the lowest light levels

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  2. How to stack and store logs for the winter

    How to stack and store logs for the winter

    Wood burners have really taken off in recent years and there’s nothing quite like having a toasty warm house that’s heated with a real fire. The only problem with them is their insatiable appetite for wood – and that means you’ll need something to store

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  3. Your November Garden

    Your November Garden

    November can be a mixed up month. The halfway house between autumn and winter when leaves, particularly this year, cling on and show wonderful colour, whilst birds start tapping at windows asking for feeders to be filled and birdbaths to be cleaned and

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