Garden Storage Benches

Enhance your outdoor experience with our premium selection of garden storage benches. These are not just pieces of furniture; they are smart solutions that seamlessly combine functionality and style to enhance your outdoor oasis. At Buy Sheds Direct, we understand the art of merging practicality with elegance. Our garden storage benches offer a harmonious blend of form and function, providing you with a comfortable seating solution while discreetly storing your essentials.


To explore the variety of outdoor storage benches available from both Keter and Suncast, select any of the product images or product details. For a comprehensive understanding of garden storage options, be sure to read through our buying guide for garden storage. As part of this guide, step three delves into the realm of multi-purpose garden storage, with a specific focus on the versatility of garden storage benches.

1'10 x 1'5 Suncast 83L Plastic Garden Storage Seat - Stoney Grey
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4'4 x 2' Keter Hudson Plastic Garden Storage Bench (1.33m x 0.61m)
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Special Price £191.99
Was £207.99
1'10 x 1'5 Suncast 83L Plastic Garden Storage Seat - Light Taupe
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Out of stock
Special Price £66.99
Was £74.99
1'10 x 1'5 Suncast 83L Plastic Garden Storage Seat - Cyberspace (0.56m x 0.43m)
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Out of stock
Special Price £66.99
Was £74.99
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Exploring garden storage benches

Uncover the world of outdoor storage benches, where form and function intertwine seamlessly. These versatile pieces not only enhance your outdoor space aesthetically but also offer ingenious solutions for efficient organisation, including:

  • Convenient outdoor storage - experience the convenience of having essential items right at your fingertips. Garden storage benches provide a practical storage solution that keeps your belongings within easy reach while maintaining the elegance of your outdoor setting
  • Multi-purpose furniture - embrace the beauty of functionality with multi-purpose garden storage benches. From storing gardening tools to acting as an extra seating area, these benches exemplify versatility, ensuring your outdoor space remains clutter-free and inviting
  • Combining seating and storage - achieve two aims for one price! They are the perfect blend of comfort and utility with garden storage benches that seamlessly combine seating and storage. Elevate your relaxation experience while optimising space through these thoughtfully designed pieces of outdoor furniture

Advantages of outdoor storage benches

Discover the numerous benefits that outdoor storage benches bring to your space. From enhanced organisation to weather resistance, these benches offer a combination of practicality and aesthetics. Enjoy advantages such as:

  • Aesthetic appeal - improve your outdoor decor with these stylish benches that not only offer functionality but also enhance the visual appeal of your space
  • Family-friendly design - with a bench that caters to both seating and storage, you will have a family-favourite spot for picnics, playtime, and relaxation
  • Increased home value - invest in your property by enhancing its outdoor functionality and visual allure through these practical yet stylish additions
  • Organisational benefits - experience streamlined outdoor living with built-in storage that keeps your belongings tidy and easily accessible
  • Social seating - create inviting seating areas during gatherings while having extra storage for blankets, cushions, or party supplies
  • Space optimisation - make the most of your outdoor area by utilising the dual purpose of seating and storage provided by these benches
  • Versatile usage - transform your bench into an adaptable solution for storing toys, gardening tools, or anything else that needs a designated spot
  • Weather resistance - enjoy peace of mind as outdoor storage benches withstand the elements, ensuring your items remain protected throughout the seasons

Introducing the Keter storage bench

The Keter storage bench, is a fusion of innovation and design that redefines outdoor storage. Choose Keter for your outdoor storage needs and enjoy a blend of lasting quality, optimal functionality, and modern design. With a reputation for durability, Keter products are built to withstand the elements while maintaining their integrity.

The Keter storage bench offers ample storage space, ensuring your outdoor essentials are organised and accessible. Its weather-resistant materials guarantee long-term use and minimal maintenance.

Waterproof outdoor storage bench options

Explore our selection of waterproof outdoor storage benches for sale that combine functionality with weather resistance. When buying outdoor furniture, especially storage benches, waterproofing is paramount. It safeguards your belongings from rain and moisture, preventing damage and prolonging the bench's lifespan. Our top waterproof outdoor storage bench choices offer a range of styles and capacities, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your needs. With year-round protection, these benches remain reliable storage solutions, even in challenging weather conditions.

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