Garden Storage Buying Guide

Before we consider all the options, it’s first important to decide which material suits your garden and priorities and, if wood is your preference, which treatment and construction is best.


Whether you need additional garden storage to supplement your existing garden shed, want a purpose-built storage solution or just need more convenient small outdoor storage, our range of garden storage units will be able to meet your storage needs.


This guide will cover the topics below. Click a topic to go straight to the information you need.


Storage Decision 1: Material

Wooden Storage Decision: Treatment

Wooden Storage Decision: Construction

Storage Decision 2: Purpose-Built or Multi-Purpose

Purpose-Built Storage Units

Multi-Purpose Garden Storage

Storage Decision 3: Do I Need a Base?

Delivery of the Storage Unit

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Storage Decision 1: Material


There are three key materials used to make garden storage: wood, plastic and metal.

Why choose wood?


Wooden storage is the most traditional choice. A natural material, timber blends in perfectly with your garden. Be aware that wood may need annual maintenance depending on the treatment used on the timber. You can also paint wooden storage any colour that you desire from the wide choice of outdoor timber paints on offer at local DIY stores.


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Why choose plastic?


Plastic storage demands the least maintenance. A wipe or hose down to clean off mud or mildew is all that will be required. New technology means the majority of the plastic used is UV-protected so will not fade or become brittle under different temperatures. Plastic storage is also the easiest to assemble. Their parts interlock and result in a strong construction. Some designs are made to appear like wicker or wood for a more natural aesthetic.


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Why choose metal?


Metal storage is renowned for its security. Solid and impenetrable by pests and thieves alike, a metal storage unit is ideal for storing expensive garden equipment, bicycles or furniture. Metal outdoor storage often offers the longest guarantees – so keep an eye out for these. Be aware that metal units can take longer to assemble.


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If you already know that you prefer plastic or metal, skip the next two sections and go straight to exploring what you can discover in purpose-built storage.


Wooden Storage Decision: Treatment

If you already know that you prefer plastic or metal, skip the next two sections and go straight to exploring what you can discover in purpose-built storage.

What is Dip Treatment?


Dip treated storage options are the most common and they can be recognised by their orange/amber colour finish. Dip-treating is the quickest and cheapest method of applying preservative to the store’s timber. The wood is dipped in the preservative, providing it with a surface covering. However, it is not as long-lasting as pressure treatment and so requires annual applications of preservative to maintain protection. The majority of dip-treated storage will offer a 10 year guarantee if supported by annual retreatment.


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What is Pressure Treatment?


Pressure-treated outdoor storage has the preservative forced deep into the heart of the grain of the wood under great pressure. Pressure-treated timber can be recognised by its lighter colour which may appear slightly green or have greeny-blue patches. This is simply the preservative residue and will fade with time.

In effect, the preservative becomes an integral part of the timber giving it a long life and effective protection against rot. Anti-rot guarantees with pressure treated storage can be as much as 15 years, saving you both time and money as there’s no need to buy and apply treatment every couple of years.

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Which treatment should I choose?


This is mainly a budget issue.


Dip-treated storage will cost less initially as the process is not as costly for the manufacturer. However, you will end up spending more money on tubs of treatment, brushes etc and spend time reapplying each year. If you forget to re-treat, you are risking the integrity of your storage.


Pressure-treated storage will cost a little more at first but you can just build it and leave it, knowing it will resist the weather without more treatments for another decade and a half.


Wooden Storage Decision: Cladding Construction


The cladding is how the timber boards are constructed to form the walls of the storage unit. There are three main types of cladding: Overlap, Shiplap and Tongue & Groove. Overlap is the most economical of the three.

Overlap Cladding


  • sawn timber boards are nailed to the frame and overlapped
  • allows the timber to shrink and expand easily, a natural occurrence through the year
  • also allows the rain to run off easily


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Shiplap Cladding


  • boards interlock tightly for a weather-resistant, robust construction
  • lack of gaps provides better protection from rain and wind
  • thicker boards mean they are less susceptible to movement under different weather conditions
  • has a scalloped profile which enhances rain run-off, moving water away from joins


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Tongue and Groove Cladding


  • boasts all the same benefits of flat tongue and groove
  • rather than scalloped, the boards are flat
  • the sleek finish is often considered more modern


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Also, check the thickness of the cladding. The thickness will contribute to the solidity and the insulation.


Storage Decision 2: Purpose-Built or Multi-Purpose

In the wide range of outdoor storage available, you will find stores that are designed for a specific purpose and have features which make it particularly suited to its role. You will also find lots of products that can be used for general storage, whether to hold wellies and dog leads or to stow away your most used gardening hand tools for easy access. If you need to store it, we’ve got the solution.


Let’s take a look at purpose-built storage units first.


Purpose Built Storage Units

Log Storage


For owners of a log burner or open fire, a log store is the best place to keep your logs. Its slatted sides and bottom allow air to ventilate, helping fire wood to dry quicker and more effectively. The roof will keep the majority of rain off your logs. The drier the wood, the better the fire.


Keep an eye out for log storage with a dedicated space for kindling, an axe or other tools and accessories.


When positioning your log store in your garden, consider where wind will drive rain. Ideally, the store should be as sheltered as possible.


If you need a shed and a log store, there are a wide range of sheds with attached log store shelters to the exterior. Some sheds also offer a lean-to upgrade which will also be suitable for log storage.


Take a look at all our log stores here


Wheelie Bin Stores


Not the most attractive of household accessories, plastic wheelie bins are best obscured from sight. A bin store will also prevent rubbish bins being knocked or blown over and spilling everywhere. Bin storage also deters pests, foxes and cats. Plus, believe it or not, wheelie bins are frequently stolen so having it tucked away will also deter thieves.


Available in wood, plastic and metal, wheelie bin storage has a few key features to look out for. To allow undesirable smells to dissipate, look for slatted, vented or open-back bin stores. Many wheelie bin stores have chains which connect the lid of the store with the lid of the bin. This makes adding bin bags and rubbish far easier.


Take a look at our bin storage here

Gas Bottle Storage


Safety dictates that gas bottle storage must be inflammable. Therefore, all gas bottle stores will be metal.


There are options for different size gas cylinders and units that store either 2 or 4 canisters. The units will be vented and lockable. A useful feature is a lid which opens independently of the door to allow you to check valve levels.


Many bottle stores will also have a rail at the rear which can be used to chain the canisters securely. Often the door has a utility company style key lock which can be useful if you have your gas bottle delivered.


Bike Sheds


Bicycles are an expensive investment. If you’re a family with multiple bikes, the value increases. Security and protection from the elements for your bicycles are necessities. Dedicated bike sheds can provide these.


Bike sheds are predominantly wooden or metal. Wooden bike sheds are more economical. They may come dip or pressure treated and with an overlap or tongue & groove construction. You will need to add a padlock to the hasp & staple closure to secure the shed. Make sure you also check if the shed comes with or without a floor. Wooden bike storage is also adaptable, so can be used to store BBQs, lawnmowers, garden furniture and other outdoor equipment should your storage needs change.

Metal bike sheds have the greatest security and are more likely to boast specialist design features. Some metal bike storage will have gas-assisted lids whereas others will have hinged doors. One model even has a separate door at each end for two bikes to be stored with independent access. Look for sheds with ramps to make stowing and retrieving your bikes easier.


Check if the metal shed is secured by padlock point or a key operated lock. Some models offer Police Approved security which has been tested by locksmiths and may even lower insurance premiums. Other useful features are shelves and hooks for storing helmets, gloves and other cycling accessories.


If you have an electric bike, you will appreciate a metal bike shed with a mounting plate ready for you to add a socket. This will enable you to charge your bike while it is fully secured and protected.


For gardens where space is at a premium, you may want to consider the vertical bike locker which allows you to store a bike on its end. There really is a bike shed for everyone!

Take a look at all our bike storage here

TOP TIP: Check the PRECISE measurements in the specification.


ALWAYS check the specification guide on all bike storage for precise, detailed measurements. Bike styles differ and you want to ensure your bike or the whole family’s bikes have enough room to be manoeuvred in and out with ease.


Also consider the space you will need around the bike shed for the opening of doors and lids.


This tip applies to all our garden storage options. Our friendly UK-based call centre will be happy to answer any queries you may have.



A carport is a superb space-saving solution if you have a driveway but do not have the space or budget to build a garage. With a choice of wooden car shelters in both apex or pent roof styles and aluminium carports with modern polycarbonate roofs, there is a carport for all tastes.


Bear in mind that the natural warmth and appeal of wood also demands yearly treatment. Metal carports are rust-resistant with maintenance free polycarbonate roofs. The polycarbonate will be UV-protected to prevent yellowing or cracking with different temperatures.


When considering size, think about whether you have a single car, two cars to store side by side or two cars you’d prefer to store end to end. A longer, rather than wider garage, will also allow storage of trailers. In fact, some models are adjustable in height to suit caravans and campervans.


Take a look at all our carports here


Motorbike Sheds and Garages


A normal bike shed will not be suitable for a motorcycle. A motorbike shed has essential side venting to allow fumes to dissipate.


Due to the increased value of a motorcycle, security will be a main priority. Also look for ramped entrances; the addition of wooden floors to protect tyres; and useful storage features.


Take a look at all our motorbike garages here



Available in wood or metal, a freestanding garage is ideal for secure vehicle storage. A key consideration is whether you want to have hinged double doors or an up-and-over doors. Also, would a separate pedestrian door be useful for your storage access needs?


Wooden garages benefit from windows and the ease with which shelves and storage can be added. However, timber requires annual retreatment. Metal garages are maintenance-free and usually boast 10-15 year guarantees.


Of course, garages can be used for general storage, which we will take a look at next.


Take a look at all our garages here


Multi-Purpose Garden Storage

Garden Boxes or Chests


These handy garden trunks can hold a variety of your outdoor equipment: from garden cushions to children’s garden toys and from essential garden tools to dog walking accessories. They also make a super parcel delivery point by the front door.


Garden boxes are available in a range of materials and finishes to suit your garden design. Look for gas-assisted lids if you need help with accessibility.


Take a look at all our garden trunk storage here

Cube Garden Storage


If all you require is easy access to a few outdoor items, a storage cube may be just what you need. Often doubling as a garden seat or garden side table, these compact cubes are space-saving and convenient.


Available in plastic with wood or wicker effect finishes, these storage boxes are UV protected so will not fade or crack due to heat or cold.


The boxes are the ideal next to the door as a place to sit and pull on your wellies; store dog leads, bags and whistles; or hold umbrellas, scrapers and de-icing spray.


Take a look at all our cube storage here

Small Sheds


When you don’t have room for a large shed, need supplementary storage or need a discrete mini shed for a particular location, this range of small sheds and tool sheds can offer multi-functional storage.


Whether you use them to keep your barbecue supplies, your garden chairs, your most used garden tools or a mix of all of these, a small shed gives your items a dry, secure place protected from the elements.


For our full range of sheds in all sizes, take a look here


Storage Decision 3: Do I Need a Base?


For our smallest storage, such as garden boxes and cube storage it is assumed that these will be place on an existing patio or other hard-standing. No garden storage will have longevity if sited directly on soil or grass.

All other storage should also have a base such as concrete slabs or poured concrete. If you do not have an existing base, take a look at our plastic bases. Our smallest size is 4’ x 5’ (so will suit some bike sheds and small sheds) with a full range of sizes above this, increasing to our largest sizes which are suitable for garages.


Probases are an easy to assembly kit which allow ventilation under your storage unit and keep your shed raised above any damp.


Our ProBase plastic bases are 100% recycled plastic, making them eco-friendly. Plus, it can be reused if you wish to reposition your storage in your garden.


Its interlocking design makes it easy to put together and, although it is lightweight, it provides a very strong and durable base. The ProBase should be laid according to the instructions which will include proper ground preparation, use of the provided membrane and inclusion of pea gravel for larger storage buildings. Once installed, the plastic base must be level.


If you have ordered a plastic probase you will need to prepare and install this base prior to any purchased installation service being carried out for any of the qualifying larger storage options.


TOP TIP: Check for a Floor

Check the product description and specification to see if the storage item you are considering has a floor. For example, some bike sheds come with a floor and some do not. Some small sheds will have OSB sheet flooring and some will have harder wearing, stronger wooden floors.

Take a look at all our plastic shed bases here.


Delivery of the Storage Unit


How soon will delivery be available?


Many of our products are available on pick-a-day delivery. This means you will be able to select your delivery day before you purchase. This will be shown on the product page if available.


If pick-a-day is not available, look for lead times on individual products as these will tell you when a product will be available for dispatch. You will then be contacted by the manufacturer who will arrange a delivery date with you.


If you make any changes to your order once paid for, this can change your delivery date. Therefore, please check you have ordered everything you need.

What are the delivery charges?


Fencing and decking orders require a minimum order value to qualify for free delivery. Orders below the minimum value incur a delivery charge. Some more remote postcodes do incur delivery surcharges even where free delivery is available to others.


Use the postcode checker on the product page to ensure we deliver to your area and to identify any charges.


Our Customer Service Team

If you have any other questions or require any clarification on any of the information above, please call our friendly, knowledgeable, UK-based Customer Service Team. We are always happy to help.