Railway Sleepers & Garden Edging

Before embarking on your next landscaping project, be sure you’re well stocked with our premium railway sleepers and garden edging for sale.


Made in Great Britain from FSC®-certified wood, pressure treated to prevent rot and supplied with an anti-rot guarantee of 15 years, these wooden sleepers will help you create robust, long-lasting garden edging walls, pond surrounds, raised beds, garden steps, and any garden project. Free delivery is available on our railway sleepers to most UK postcodes.

Forest Slatted Edging 1.2m (3 Pack)
Forest Slatted Edging 1.2m

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest 4ft Pressure Treated Landscaping Sleeper
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Forest 4ft Pressure Treated Landscaping Sleeper (4 Pack)

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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3ft Mini Sleeper
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Forest 3ft Mini Sleeper (4 Pack)

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Forest 6ft Pressure Treated Mini Sleeper
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Forest 6ft Pressure Treated Mini Sleeper (4 Pack)

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15-Year Anti-Rot Guarantee

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Why use railway sleepers for your garden project?

Planning your next landscaping project? Look no further than our range of pressure treated railway sleepers for sale. Wooden sleepers are such versatile materials are perfect for a wide range of garden projects and uses, including:

Why buy sleepers and garden edging from us?

Whether you are a seasoned landscaper, gardener or a beginner, our premium-quality wooden sleepers will help you create the garden of your dreams.

We only sell pressure treated sleepers and garden edging due to their outstanding 15-year anti rot guarantees.  With competitive prices, fast delivery, and excellent customer service, Buy Sheds Direct is your one-stop-shop for long-lasting wooden sleepers.

Browse our selection today and find the perfect low-cost, premium quality garden sleeper for your needs and budget.

Timber sleeper sizes available

Our natural wooden railway sleepers are available in a range of sizes to complement any garden use or design, from traditional to contemporary. They are easy to install and maintain, making them a smart investment for any garden or outdoor space.

Our Forest slatted edging measures 1.2m in length and is perfect for creating borders and edging around flower beds or vegetable patches.

Our Forest 6ft pressure treated mini sleeper is ideal for raised garden beds, steps, and retaining walls, measuring 1.8m x 120mm x 100mm.

We also offer the Forest 4ft pressure treated landscaping sleeper measuring 1.2m x 200mm x 100mm and Forest 3ft pressure treated mini sleeper measuring 0.9m x 120mm x 100mm, making them suitable for smaller garden projects.

Are garden sleepers and railway sleepers the same?

The terms garden sleeper and railway sleeper are often used as interchangeably and although they are similar in appearance and function, they are not precisely the same.

Railway sleepers

Railway sleepers are wooden or concrete beams used to support and stabilise railway tracks, while a garden sleeper is primarily used for landscaping and garden projects. This is why you will sometimes find reclaimed railway sleepers and crossing timbers for sale.

Garden sleepers

Garden sleepers are often made from treated softwood, hardwood, or reclaimed wood (sometimes from railway sleepers) and are usually smaller in size than railway sleepers, meaning they’re more commonly used for garden edging projects. They are also lighter and easier to handle than railway sleepers, which can be extremely heavy and difficult to move.

Overall, while garden sleepers and railway sleepers share some similarities, they are two different products with different purposes and characteristics.

Can wooden sleepers be used for garden edging?

Absolutely. Garden edging can come in a wide variety of materials and styles including logrolls, terracotta tiles, brick, gravel, stone, metal, flower based, and even picket fencing. However, wooden edging using railway sleepers and other forms of timber edging is one of the most popular choices. This is because wooden sleepers offer a natural and warm aesthetic to any garden, working well for both traditional and modern garden settings.

What are the benefits of using sleepers over other options?

Garden timber sleepers are versatile and durable landscaping materials that can add a rustic charm to any garden or outdoor space.

Listed below are some of the many related benefits:

  • Aesthetics - sleepers add a natural and rustic look to any outdoor space, blending well with the surroundings and enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal
  • Comfortable option - timber sleepers are comfortable to sit or lean against, making them an ideal choice for garden benches or seating areas
  • Cost-effective - they are relatively inexpensive compared to other landscaping materials, providing an affordable option for garden projects
  • Customisable – wooden sleepers can be cut and shaped to fit any garden design or project, providing a customisable option for gardeners
  • Durability – wood is sturdy and durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and last for many years with proper maintenance
  • Easy to install - they are easy to install, making them a DIY-friendly option for gardeners and homeowners
  • Low maintenance - requiring minimal maintenance, pressure treated sleepers only need occasional cleaning and reapplication of wood preservatives to maintain their durability and appearance
  • Natural drainage - wooden sleepers offer natural drainage, allowing for better water flow and preventing waterlogging in garden beds and retaining walls
  • Non-toxic - they are non-toxic, making them safe for plants and animals in the garden
  • Safe to use - they are a safe option as they do not have any sharp edges or corners that could cause injury
  • Sustainability - wood is a sustainable and renewable resource, making it an environmentally friendly choice for garden landscaping
  • Versatility - sleepers are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, such as creating raised garden beds, retaining walls, steps, paths, and lots more besides

Quality wooden furniture made from sleepers

Buy Sheds Direct offers a range of high-quality wooden furniture, available at https://www.buyshedsdirect.co.uk/outdoor-living/garden-furniture, with numerous pieces made from wooden sleepers featured on this page.

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