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  1. 2014 Competition winners

    Firstly a massive thanks to everyone who entered! We are really glad to see so many people share a passion for allotments and it's been a pleasure to read about what you've all been doing on your plots.

    So here are the winners for the blogger,

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  2. 2014 Recipe competition entries

    2014 Recipe competition entries

    Our first entry is a hearty Vegetable Cobbler from Angela

    This is a hearty recipe, although it contains no meat it makes for a filling and satisfying meal. It's also really quite healthy too, the only fat is the small amount within the

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  3. 2014 Blogger competition entries

    2014 Blogger competition entries

    A friend once described my blog as 'like a well stocked department store; there's something for everyone on every floor' and another as 'quirky and fun'

    Veg Plotting isn't just about the veg I grow on my allotment, my allotment is the place

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  4. 7 ways to get your kids gardening this summer

    Why you should get your kids into the garden

    Finding things to keep the kids occupied during the summer holidays can be a headache but there’s a great playground right on your doorstep – your garden. Kids love gardening in

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  5. How to tame your wild allotment

    When you take over an allotment, it’s quite possible that you will inherit a tangled jungle that you’ll have to clear before you can plant your crops. Here are a few suggestions that will help tame your wild allotment and keep it under control.

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  6. 2014 Allotment competition entries

    Our first entry is from Louise, her three kids, daddy and a lovely Labbie

    Our veg patch is under the guidance of head gardener, mummy, and junior gardeners Harry (8), Tilly (6) and Felicity (3). Our weed control manager, daddy also helps

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  7. A quick guide to making your allotment bee friendly

    As you sit in your shed with a welcome cup of tea after a tough session on the allotment, you might spare a thought for the humble bee. These days, bees are having it pretty tough and their numbers are falling dramatically. What has this got to do with

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  8. A quick guide to managing your allotment all year

    Allotments are a fun and good way to supplement your larder with healthy, fresh food. But they are also hard work so you want to be sure of getting the best results from your efforts. The key is to plan ahead; and a great way to start is to sit down with

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  9. Know your history: why Britain loves allotments

    The British have had an on-off love affair with allotments for as long as most people can remember. Particularly over the last hundred years or so the humble allotment with its shed and intensely grown vegetables has been on a roller-coaster ride. Food

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  10. 2014 Allotment, recipe, and blogger competition

    2014 Allotment, recipe, and blogger competition

    In aid of allotment week we are running three competitions for allotment lovers, chefs and hand picked bloggers to share their love of all things allotment and have a chance of winning £100 in vouchers to use on our site. The competition will run for

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