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  1. What Type of Shed Should I Buy?

    The three main shed types include wooden, metal, and plastic (or resin).  Wooden sheds are generally made from softwoods that include pine or spruce, but can also be made from larch or Douglas fir, and the more expensive and wonderfully scented cedar.  Most sheds in the U.K are made from wood, but there are metal sheds and plastic (or resin) sheds available. Metal sheds are sometimes chosen for their resistance to rot and the decreased possibility of catching fire, while plastic sheds are sometimes c

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  2. What the Shed of the Year Winners Have Taught us Over the Years

    Sheds are a major part of gardens in the UK.  Sheds can improve the quality of the garden as well as provide a place for children to enjoy the outdoors, and even create personal get-a-ways for adults.  People tend to give their sheds a very personal touch, creatively making their gardens uniquely their own.  Standard sheds can be customised to the design taste and/or the whim of the owner, from creating a shed that turns the roof of the shed into a personal allotment to the shed that is made to

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  3. Phil McCann’s 10 step guide to your best containers ever!

    Phil McCann’s 10 step guide to your best containers ever!

    About Phil McCann

    Phil McCann has worked on BBC Gardener's World and is an experienced horticultrual consultant, previously working for the RHS, Unwins Seeds and Hillier Nurseries.

    Phil has kindly used his experience to provide us with a great 10-step guide to perfect container gardening, leaving few excuses not to get started straight away.

    Choosing the correct container

    Containers come in all shapes and sizes and ultimately you

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