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  1. Decorating Your Shed for Summer

    While the summer is the perfect time to get out into the garden and get involved with all of what has to be done in terms of repair and revitalising the area, there's a bit to be said about decorating as well. Of course, homeowners must go out of their way to ensure that their sheds are structurally sound before any work can be done to them. Fortunately, it's a relatively easy task with a bit of elbow grease. Let's take a look at how homeowners can get their sheds decorated and ready for the upcoming

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  2. Make the most of your garden in summer

    Make the most of your garden in summer

    The longest day of the year was last Sunday, marking the start of summer. Soon enough the school year will be finishing and children will be let loose for a couple of months to enjoy the outdoors and some time to spend with their friends. As the weather will be steadily getting better over the next couple of months, there is no excuse not to spend a lot of your free time in the garden with your family and friends, so here we give you a few ideas of what to do over summer in the garden.

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  3. Green Fingers Gardening Festival 2015: roundup

    Green Fingers Gardening Festival 2015: roundup

    The spring and summer seasons have always served as the most opportunistic times to experience fun festivals throughout the world. Especially throughout the month of June, professional and amateur horticulturists alike come from every corner of the earth to celebrate the Green Fingers Festival at the Eden Project in Cornwall. Full of daily discussions and tips, tours and demos, this festival welcomes gardeners at any level.

    This year the Green Fingers Festival ran from June 1st to the

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