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  1. How to Prepare Your Shed for Winter

    One of our many tasks for the autumn is getting the garden ready for the long winter months ahead; a major task is protecting your garden shed from the elements. Some garden sheds may need this more than others, for example if it is an old shed or there have been bad storms or unusually inclement weather conditions. This guide will help both those who are not familiar with having a garden shed, and those who have had a shed for a while and need some extra advice. 
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  2. How To Felt a Shed Roof

    There are several reasons you may want to felt a shed roof. The shed may be old and the felt needs replacing, or the shed roof may have been damaged by wind or rain. If the roof has holes in it, this can let in water and damage your shed and the contents inside. The location of your shed can affect the roof, if it is in a more exposed area of your garden for example it is likely to suffer more damage. It is always wise to check your shed before winter, because windy, cold and wet weather
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  3. Five Tools You Need to Build a Shed

    One of the universal truths of living in a house is that there are always projects that need to be done. Some of them are fall into the repair and function department, others in the purely decorative. At time the number of projects that need to be tackled seem a bit overwhelming and home-owners feel that completing those that must be done and those they wish to have done will be very expensive. 
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  4. 11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your Log Storage Shed

    Log storage sheds are far from the most beautiful aspects for any garden but they certainly do serve a useful purpose. However, when they do start to look a little drab and in the need of spicing up, there are a number of different things you can do to give them a bit of a revamp.

    Take a look at 11 ideas that could bring a bit of life to your log storage sheds:
    • Give it a Lick of Paint
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  5. 7 decorating ideas for your front garden

    7 decorating ideas for your front garden

    Your front garden is the first impression guests will have as they make their way to your door. A garden that isn't cared for can immediately give the wrong impression, even if the interior of your home is immaculate. You want the front of your home to enhance your overall home, a space you can be proud of and welcome guests to.

    There are a number of front garden decorating ideas, many of which will see you through the year with minimum maintenance. That is the key, the more you plant

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