Whether you’re buying a new shed, improving an old one, or just want to find out more about the nation’s favourite garden buildings, have a browse through our Shed Blogs now.

  1. Understanding Tongue and Groove Shed Cladding [UPDATED]

    a close up photo of a shed, showing-off the tongue & groove cladding

    You’ve probably heard of tongue and groove, but what does it actually mean?

    Read on for a technical explanation of tongue and groove, details of its practical use, and how it compares to other types of cladding.

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  2. Ideas For Creating the Perfect Garden Shed Gym [UPDATED]

    a photo of a white floor with a set of analogue scales and 2 blue 2KG dumbbells

    Are you thinking about setting up a shed gym? We are here to guide you through the ins and outs of creating your very own dream workout space, right in your garden.

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  3. How to Dismantle a Shed & Take It Down Properly [UPDATED]

    an old shed at the edge of a forest

    If your shed has come to its end of life and needs to be dismantled and disposed of, let us guide you through how to dismantle a shed safely.

    Read on to learn more in our how to dismantle a shed step by step guide.

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  4. Your Comprehensive "How To" Guide for Insulating a Shed [UPDATED]

    Insulating a shed roof

    If you love spending time in or working on your garden, you're sure to spend quite a bit of time in your shed. Though more pleasant in the summer, you can also make your shed a comfortable environment in colder weather too. Achieve this through insulating

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  5. 25+ Ideas & Clever Storage Solutions for Small Sheds [UPDATED]

    Scissors hanging up on a rack in a shed

    There are numerous creative and practical ways for providing storage solutions for sheds. A small shed can be turned into the ideal outdoor storage space. Check out these 25+ tips for an organised storage shed.

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  6. A Guide to Getting Power & Electricity to a Shed Safely [UPDATED]

    a man wearing black-rimmed glasses and a white hard hat inspects a switch in his hands

    Electrifying your shed is more than just a weekend DIY project. It involves careful planning, safety, and adhering to regulations. We now explore how your powered-up shed becomes a versatile and thrilling extension of your home.

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  7. How to Hide a Shed in a Small Garden Creatively [UPDATED]

    How to Hide a Shed in a Small Garden Creatively [UPDATED]

    How to Hide a Garden Shed

    Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis.

    However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and the tools to

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  8. Building a Shed Base Ideas: A Comprehensive How to Build a Shed Base Guide [UPDATED]

    Building a shed base

    Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to build a shed base. Whether you are a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a beginner, we provide practical tips and insights in this guide. From the classic sturdiness of a concrete base to the innovative ease of plastic

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  9. How to Soundproof Your Drumming Shed [UPDATED]

    How to Soundproof Your Drumming Shed [UPDATED]

    A love of drumming may not be shared by the whole family or, indeed, the whole neighbourhood. Therefore, a soundproofed drumming shed, log cabin

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  10. Everything You Need to Know About Modular Garden Products

    10 x 8 Forest Beckwood Shiplap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

    If you’ve seen the term ‘modular’ used in relation to some of our products, here’s a clear explanation of what it means and the benefits it brings…

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