Whether you’re buying a new shed, improving an old one, or just want to find out more about the nation’s favourite garden buildings, have a browse through our Shed Blogs now.

  1. Shed of the Year 2015: The Winner Has Been Crowned

    Last night we saw the Grand Final of the Amazing Spaces: Shed of the Year. The episode looked at three categories in total as well as a summary of all the winners so far in the competition.

    Winners of the categories

    Cabins and Summerhouses

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  2. The advantages of plastic sheds

    Regardless of the size of your lawn or your garden, one of the elements you need to include in your plans is a shed. If your garden does not already include a shed, the added convenience once you add one will cause you to wonder how you got by previously.

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  3. Storage ideas to organise your garden

    No matter how much we try, our gardens become cluttered and a little unruly if we forget about them for a while. So how do we get a bit more of a grasp on our gardens? Add a bit of storage space.

    Garden storage doesn’t just have to mean finding s

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  4. Top 5 Metal Sheds and Stores

    We take a look at our top 5 metal garden sheds and stores for your garden this year. Check out our top picks below.

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  5. Shed of the Year 2012

    Shed in a garden Voting has officially ended for shed of the year. The individual category

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  6. Advice on choosing a shed

    It is often the case that people interested buying a new shed see a huge range like ours and aren’t sure of what to go for – and judge only by size and appearance. Hopefully these tips will help you pick out the shed you need, and what else you nee

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  7. Getting power to your garden building

    Garden sheds are a great place for people to store their stuff. If you’re restrained, that stuff probably includes useful things like tools, lawnmowers and garden furniture. If, like me, you’re more of a magpie, there will be the inevitable pots of

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  8. Do I Need Planning Permission for Sheds or Log Cabins?

    A question we often get asked is “Do I need planning permission”? Usually, this is aimed at our log cabins, sometimes our larger garden sheds and, in one memorable conversation, at our compost bins…

    With the current economic climate and ‘diff

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  9. Shed insulation tips

    Shed insulation tips

    How to Insulate Your Shed

    If you love spending time in or working on your garden, you're sure to spend quite a bit of time in your shed. Though more pleasant in the summer, you can also make your shed a comfortable environment in colder weather

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  10. Shed buying guide

    If you don't know your overlap from your shiplap or you think T&G is an alcoholic drink, then our new Sheducation article:"Garden Sheds: The Definitive Buyers Guide" is just for you.

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