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  1. Which is the best shed felt to use?

    Which is the best shed felt to use?

    If you want your shed to provide weatherproof storage, you need to make sure that the roof and felt is in good condition; this is the main defence from the torrential rain that we see all year round.

    All sheds these days come with adequate

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  2. How to build a shed base with concrete blocks

    To maintain stability, prevent damage and reduce to rate that rot sets in on timber sheds, a base is required. Shed bases come in all different styles and sizes to suit all manners of sheds and a concrete block shed is considered one of the easiest

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  3. How to use paving slabs for a shed base

    With 2015 finally here, make this year the one you focus and finish the garden before summer so you can truly enjoy the warm weather we “should” see this year.

    Why not start with replacing the shed or if you have a shed that is still standing str

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  4. Soundproofing a shed for drums!

    A love of drumming may not be shared by the whole family or, indeed, the whole neighbourhood. Therefore, a soundproofed shed or summerhouse is a great 'music room' for all that drumming practice. Of course, it will work just as well with other musical

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  5. How to build a shed base with paving slabs

    How to build a shed base with paving slabs

    Do I really need a shed base?

    Yes. Most definitely. Without a doubt.

    Placing a shed directly on grass will lead to rot, structural instability and a shorter life for your shed. Skipping this vital step will

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  6. Shed of the Year 2015: an update

    We’re just days away from the Shed of the Year Competition closing for entries for 2015 and the entries just keep pouring in. The competition is a fascinating chance to see how innovative and exceptional a garden shed can be and how it’s much more tha

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  7. How to dismantle a shed

    How to dismantle a shed

    If your shed has come to its end and needs to be dismantled and disposed of, let us guide you through how to dismantle the shed safely.

    Each shed will be different to dismantle but following this general rule

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  8. How to build a shed base on uneven ground

    When purchasing a shed, you firstly need a base. For most people, that is no issue due to a flat garden. However, some gardens are not always

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  9. How to paint a shed

    With Spring here, your focus shifts from the housework to the garden. Painting and Treating your Garden Sheds is an annual thing for most shed owners. Painting your garden sheds is not a strenuous activity and it can bring the family together, but

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  10. Shed of the Year 2015: the finalists

    It may have begun many months ago but now, with less than a week until the public vote closes, the 2015 Shed of the Year competition is drawing to an end. Along the way, we’ve been treated to a host of weird and wonderful creations that demonstrate t

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