To maintain stability, prevent damage and reduce to rate that rot sets in on timber sheds, a base is required. Shed bases come in all different styles and sizes to suit all manners of sheds and a concrete block shed is considered one of the easiest and best bases you can create.

Benefits of using a concrete block base:

  • The blocks act as a shed floor and therefore you do not need to build a secondary floor. 
  • The blocks can withstand wet tools which timber floors cannot, ideal for wet climates. 
  • The floor is much lower than a timber base etc meaning it does not require a ramp for access. 
  • If the shed base becomes dirty the base can be cleaned very easily.

Tools Required:

Measuring tape
Point posts
Concrete blocks
Pea gravel
Weed proof membrane


Building a shed foundation with concrete block

  1. Dig an appropriate size square that is just a bit bigger than the size of your shed. To do this use a measuring tape, point posts and string to create the size you want to dig out. We recommend digging down 100mm for maximum stability.
  2. Level the area using a rake and remove large stones and vegetation as this will impact how level the layer is.
  3. Once the ground is level, place down your membrane as this will stop vegetation from growing.
  4. Now use pea gravel and create a layer over the membrane, this will keep it in place and aid water drainage.
  5. Start from one corner and lay blocks tight together and continue until you fill the excavated pit.
  6. Using 8 timber blocks, dig down a few cm and using a rubber mallet, create a timber support to keep the blocks tight together.
  7. Now the base is built you can start to build your shed on top. Once the shed is built, we recommend using an anchor kit as this will join the shed and base to stop movement.


A concrete block base is one of the easiest to build. Instead of pouring concrete onto your garden and ruining a section this block base can be removed or moved very easily.

If this still seems like a process that you have no time for or is too complicated for you, check out our fantastic shed bases on offer on site that removes all the hassle of the above by clicking the link here.

Alternatively, if you want to know how to build a wooden shed base, (and the shed on top!) why not watch our videos below*?

*Remember, all of our wooden shed bases are shown in the Essential Extras tab of the product pages - and, don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about them.

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