When purchasing a shed, you firstly need a base. For most people, that is no issue due to a flat garden. However, some gardens are not always flat and have gradients, that’s when installing shed bases becomes a little trickier.

From experience, the simplest way to build shed bases on uneven ground it to use a foundation of blocks, ideally concrete. This way, to compensate for higher or lower ground on one side you can add or remove blocks to make a level base.

Tools Required -
Measuring tape
Masonry Blocks
Pea Gravel
Treated Timber Planks
Marking posts

a white measuring tape displaying inches and centimetresgrey pea gravelthe ends of stacked up timber planks

Building a shed base on uneven ground

  • Firstly, start by marking out how big your shed is, this way you can be accurate as to where to place blocks. Use posts and position in the square using ribbon to keep in line.
  • Take your spade and gently dig the top layer attempting to get the ground as flat as possible. Clear any excess soil to one side.
  • Now, take a measuring tape and measure 4 rows of 3 blocks, this will create efficient weight distribution.
  • Underneath each block, dig approximately 2 inches wider than your blocks and around 6 inches deep and fill the hole with pea gravel until it gives a flat surface. The pea gravel acts as a water distribution method but maintains vigour.
  • Take your timber planks and place them along the rows of blocks and measure how flat it is. From there you can add or remove blocks if there is a serious height issue. If its a matter of minor size difference, grab some pieces of shingle and place underneath the timber post until its completely level. Continue to do this until all 4 posts are level and level with each other.
  • Once you are happy that your shed base is level, you can continue to place your shed base on top. Start from one end and nail or screw the base on top of your timber panels, This will produce a rigid and sturdy overall base for you the place your shed on top of.

Without a flat surface, your shed will not be able to function properly and can break, damaging you and your items inside and also, your wallet. Constructing, a flat shed base, even if it is on uneven ground, is incredibly important.

If you'd like to know how to build a wooden base, take a look at our video below:

Remember, many of our wooden sheds can be used in conjunction with wooden bases; these are listed in the 'Essential Extras' tab on the product pages.