a pressure treated, featheredge fence panelPressure treated wood is used for a wide variety of garden structures, be it a shed, a playhouse, fencing, decking or picnic tables, through to telephone poles, seaside piers and, believe it or not, residential building foundations in some countries!

Renowned for its ability to fend off decay, pressure treated timber is ideal for high moisture and/or ground contact installations. Also know as tanalised timber, pressure treated wood is ideal for 'all seasons' with the bonus that is is insect resistant as well as rot resistant. With little maintenance it can last for years and years. 

a pressure treated apex wooden sheda pressure treated wooden playhouse

Can I apply preservative or paint to my pressure treated shed or fence?

Pressure treated timber must be left to weather before you even consider applying any treatment or paint. This is because it may still have residue from the treatment (usually identifiable by its blue-green colour). No further treatment or paint will adhere to this residue; even if it manages to do so, it will come off when the residue does. 

You should wait at least 2-3 months before applying anything to pressure treated wood. You must be confident the wood is fully dry too.

Should I apply preservative to my pressure treated shed or fence?

Some industry experts do not recommend painting pressure treated wood at all; if you don't do it under the right conditions, you may trap moisture which will cause the paint to peel away. However, many others have stained or painted their wood successfully.

Most pressure treated wood will not need treating for a decade or two, so you shouldn't need to apply another preservative coating. Many of our pressure treated sheds are guaranteed for 15 years against rot and decay without any need to re-treat.

However, if you do decide to treat or paint your pressure treated fence or shed, be sure that the coating is recommended for use with pressure-treated wood.

Take a look at our pressure treatment videos to find out more..