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Our Outdoor Living Blogs cover gardening, outdoor furniture and so much more. Whatever you love about your garden and The Great Outdoors, there’ll be something to interest you here.

  1. Gardening Projects for Kids

    a little boy with a brightly coloured watering can watering daffodils in the garden

    Take learning and fun out to the garden with these great gardening projects for children. Ideas that the whole family will enjoy!

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  2. Why Gardening is Good For You

    an image of gardening gloves on the edge of a raised bed full of plants

    Gardening has long been known to benefit our health - physical and mental. Now, even more than ever, it is time to get out in the garden. Find out more about why here...

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  3. The March Garden Guide

    The March Garden Guide

    Spring is here and British Summer Time is about to begin, so there are lots of important jobs to do out in the garden.

    That said, March can be an unpredictable month, so follow our top 10 gardening tips to keep your garden in tip-top condition.

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  4. The February Garden Guide

    The February Garden Guide

    The weather is still cold but the days are getting longer and there are a few tentative signs of spring. It’s time to read our February Garden Guide before getting out in your garden.

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  5. Gardening Trends for 2020

    Gardening Trends for 2020

    A new year, a new decade. What will you be up to in your garden in 2020? Expert gardener, Phil McCann has all the top trends for your 2020 gardening year.

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  6. The January Garden Guide

    The January Garden Guide

    Start the new year as you mean to go on by getting out into your garden. Always on hand to help, here are our Top 10 Tips for making the most of your January garden.

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  7. 7 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    7 Ways to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

    Discover the best ways to recycle your Christmas tree to benefit your garden and the community.

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  8. The December Garden Guide

    The December Garden Guide

    Why not escape the hectic run-up to Christmas by getting out in your garden? There’s plenty of things to do, not least protecting your plants and garden equipment from the cold.

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  9. Caring for Your Garden Furniture This Winter

    Caring for Your Garden Furniture This Winter

    Your garden furniture served you well last summer, so now it’s time for you to return the favour and read our garden furniture care guide.

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  10. The Buy Sheds Direct Christmas Gift Guide

    The Buy Sheds Direct Christmas Gift Guide

    If you’re stuck for Christmas gift ideas, take a look at our Christmas Gift Guide. We’ve got plenty of suggestions for presents, suitable for every member of the family.

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