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Our Outdoor Living Blogs cover gardening, outdoor furniture and so much more. Whatever you love about your garden and The Great Outdoors, there’ll be something to interest you here.

  1. How to Start Growing Your Own Fruit and Vegetables for Less

    a selection of homegrown fruit and vegetables

    Discover precisely what you need to do to start growing your own fruit and vegetables, and save money doing it, right here…

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  2. Love Is All Around the Garden, This Valentine’s Day

    models of a boy and girl, holding a heart and flower, stood next to plant pots

    If the weather’s cold and grey outside, come and warm your heart with us, as we reveal some fun Valentine’s Day facts and show you how to create a more romantic garden.

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  3. What are the Best Bike Storage Solutions for Bicycles, Electric Bikes and Motorbikes?

    a cyclist, his bike and a 6x3 green metal bike shed

    Whether you own a bicycle, e bike or motorbike, you’ll find the perfect bike storage solutions here…

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  4. How to Hide a Shed in a Small Garden Creatively [UPDATED]

    How to Hide a Shed in a Small Garden Creatively [UPDATED]

    How to Hide a Garden Shed

    Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis.

    However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and the tools to

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  5. Everything You Need to Know About Modular Garden Products

    10 x 8 Forest Beckwood Shiplap Pressure Treated Double Door Apex Wooden Shed

    If you’ve seen the term ‘modular’ used in relation to some of our products, here’s a clear explanation of what it means and the benefits it brings…

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  6. 10 Special Christmas Gifts for People Who Love Their Gardens

    a drawing of Father Christmas and a reindeer

    If you need some inspiration before choosing this year’s Christmas presents, you’ll definitely want to read our 2023 Christmas Gift Buying Guide…

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  7. Creative Garden Ideas & Hacks to Transform Your Outdoor Space

    a slatted wall planter

    If you are like many gardeners in the UK, and you’re in need of some inspirational garden ideas, you are in the right place!

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  8. Your Secret Garden: 5 Clever Garden Screening Ideas & Privacy Solutions

    A wooden pergola with slatted panels on 2 adjoining sides, situated in the corner of a garden and furnished with a sofa and cushions

    Have you ever wanted to transform your garden into a secluded paradise? Read on to uncover our five garden screening ideas that will bring peace and privacy to your garden.

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  9. Creating Shade in the Garden: Shade Sails vs Gazebo vs Pergola vs Plants

    a luxurious wooden gazebo with integrated benches covered with brown cushions and a table in the middle

    Are you looking to add to get away from those harmful UV rays by adding shaded areas to your garden? Here we explore garden shading and discuss ideas such as shade sails, gazebos vs pergolas, and other structures to add shade.

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  10. Maximising Space in Urban Gardens with Vertical & Container Gardening Solutions

    4 slatted wall planters, populated with 15 potted plants on shelves and hooked on the slats, attached to a plain white wall with 2 spotlights pointed up at the 2nd and 4th planters

    Have you ever considered urban gardening? Here we explore the fast-growing gardening technique.

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