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  1. Your September Garden

    Your September Garden

    School children go back to their learning institutions resplendent in over-sized blazers and blister-inducing, shiny black shoes. Crows and ravens return noisily to nest uncomfortably close in neighbours’ trees. Strictly Come Dancing revs up for i

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  2. How to maintain your timber decking over winter

    Decking is a great addition to a garden, allowing you to extend your house into the outdoors on sunny days. But the timber in your decking is outside every day, exposed to all the elements. Hot summer days and wet autumn and winter nights take their

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  3. Customer showcase – Will’s garden

    One of the most rewarding parts of being an online retailer is seeing our products in their new homes.

    There’s n

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  4. How can gardening help hedgehogs?

    How can gardening help hedgehogs?

    The hedgehog is one of the most familiar of Britain’s wild animals. Known as ‘the gardener’s friend’ for their love of feasting on those pesky worms and slugs, hedgehogs can be spotted roaming our gardens at night but sadly the number of them in the

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  5. Your August Garden

    Your August Garden


    I'm not sure where the year is going as August tips over onto the calendar and everything in the garden is growing so quickly. In the greenhouse, the cucumbers and tomatoes are, to say the least, prolific. Cucumbers are being passed

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  6. Your July Garden

    Your July Garden

    July brings plenty of flowers, the first pickings from my small veg plot and cucumber after cucumber from the greenhouse. I've also revisited my past and started a cacti collection again – takes me back decades – with plenty to do in the garden. Wat

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  7. Find your perfect garden decking – our top five

    Find your perfect garden decking – our top five

    Are you looking to add an extra element to your garden – a space to relax and entertain? Decking is a great solution. We are the largest web retailer of decking in the UK and offer a substantial range of garden deck boards, joists, handrail systems and deck kits.

    Firstly you need to choose a deck board, here we will be showcasing our top sellers;

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  8. Your March Garden

    Your March Garden

    March at last – and it's spring! Well, that’s the idea but forget about what is says it is – what exactly is it doing out there? If the soil is frozen and waterlogged then don't waste your money and time in sowing seeds that will rot in the ground. Eithe

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  9. How to apply for planning permission

    How to apply for planning permission

    Garden sheds, log cabins and greenhouses are great additions to nearly every garden – but the rules about what you can build can be complicated.

    Most ‘outbuildings’, as they are referred to, are considered to be ‘permitted development’ and so do

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  10. A look at community garden projects in the UK

    A look at community garden projects in the UK

    Here on the Green Fingers blog we’ve been keen to draw attention to the brilliant work that gardening groups have been doing around Britain to help their communities. It’s fantastic to see the dedication of gardeners and volunteers who try to bring the

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