models of a boy and girl, holding a heart and flower, stood next to plant pots

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching and spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to dream of love, romance and spending time with your soulmate, in the sunny splendour of your garden, during the warmer months.

So, if the weather’s cold, grey and miserable where you are today, why not pour yourself something sparkling, cuddle up next to your loved one, and join us as we reveal some fun Valentine’s Day-related facts and explain how you can bring the spirit of love into your garden, over the coming year?

Valentine’s Day Fact 1: Why Roses are The Flower of Love

a statue of the ancient Greek goddess Aphroditea statue of the ancient Greek goddess Aphrodite
Image courtesy of Natalia Photo on Pexels.

Did you know that Aphrodite was the ancient Greek goddess of love and fertility? Legend has it that such was her beauty, wherever she walked, roses sprang up in her wake.

This is why roses have always been regarded as the flowers of love.

Romantic Garden Feature 1: Forest Caledonian Rectangular Raised Bed 6 x 3 (1.8m x 0.9m)

a rectangular wooden garden plantera rectangular wooden garden planter
Buy the Forest Caledonian Rectangular Raised Bed 6 x 3 (1.8m x 0.9m) to enjoy a beautiful display of romantic flowers in your garden.

True love isn’t here today and gone tomorrow, it’s something that grows and blossoms over decades.

So, instead of buying your loved one a bunch of pre-picked flowers from the supermarket, why not treat them to something more enduring, this Valentine’s Day? A wooden planter from us, and a rose plant from your local garden centre, is just the ticket. Then, you can enjoy romantic flowers in your garden, every summer, year after year.

Perfectly sized for miniature varieties of rose, this garden planter is lovingly crafted from ethically-sourced, premium timber, making it as strong and long lasting as your love for your Valentine.

Pressure treated and backed by a superb 15-year guarantee, no further wood preservative is required, saving you the hassle of regular retreatments and leaving you more money to spend on your spouse.

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Valentine’s Day Fact 2: Origins of Valentine’s Day

a sculpture of a cross and cherubs outside a churcha sculpture of a cross and cherubs outside a church
Image courtesy of Maria Orlova on Pexels.

During the 3rd century AD, the Emperor Claudius banned young men from getting married because he believed that unmarried men made more committed soldiers. This led to a clergyman, named Valentine, arranging secret marriages for Rome’s loved-up couples.

Unfortunately, Valentine was caught, imprisoned and sentenced to death for his crimes. While in prison, so the story goes, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter, for whom he left a love letter, on the day of his execution, signed ‘From Your Valentine’.

Romantic Garden Feature 2: Shire Forget-Me-Not Garden Arbour Seat 5 x 3

a woman sat reading on an arbour seata woman sat reading on an arbour seat
Imagine you and your Valentine relaxing on the Shire Forget-Me-Not Garden Arbour Seat 5 x 3, this coming spring. Ahh, bliss.

Saint Valentine might have been executed but his legacy of love lived on. And while we hope that you, our valued customers, are neither jailed nor cut short in your prime, there’s nothing to stop you following Saint Valentine’s lead and presenting your nearest and dearest with a lasting token of your love.

Exquisitely handcrafted from slow-grown timber, which has had time to develop, just like your matrimonial love, this arbour seat is the perfect gesture, providing just the right amount of space for you and your spouse to soak up the joys of life, while relaxing in your garden.

Made from the finest shiplap cladding, it might not last as long as Saint Valentine’s legacy, but with just a small amount of tender loving care, this wooden arbour will remain a much-loved feature of your garden, and symbol of your romance, for decades to come.

Peruse all of our garden arbours for sale here.

Valentine’s Day Fact 3: Lovebirds

2 lovebirds sitting on a branch2 lovebirds sitting on a branch
Image courtesy of Moussa Idrissi on Pexels.

As previously mentioned, although the origins of Saint Valentine’s Day date back to ancient Roman times, it didn’t become widely celebrated as a day of romance until the 1300s, when courtiers in England and France began to mark the 14th February as the time that birds looked for their mate.

Romantic Garden Feature 3: Forest Harvington Wooden Garden Love Seat 6 x 2 (1.8m x 0.6m)

a wooden garden love seat with champagne flutes sat on the tablea wooden garden love seat with champagne flutes sat on the table
Designed for two and built to last, the Forest Harvington Wooden Garden Love Seat 6 x 2 (1.8m x 0.6m) is the perfect garden furniture for lovebirds everywhere.

There’s no better place for a pair of lovebirds to unwind and relax, out in the garden, than on a love seat.

Carefully contoured from ethically-sourced wood, with a smooth-planed, splinter-free finish, this wooden love seat is the perfect piece of outdoor furniture for loving couples everywhere. The garden seats offer you both ample space in which to relax, while the integral wooden table ensures you remain joined together, as one, over a glass of your favourite tipple.

This beautiful piece of wooden garden furniture also comes pressure treated and with a 15-year guarantee, saving you money on expensive retreatments and leaving you more time to devote to your Valentine.

Find all of our garden furniture here.

Valentine’s Day Fact 4: Lebkuchens – The Food of Love

heart-shaped Lebkuchen biscuitsheart-shaped Lebkuchen biscuits
Image courtesy of User 683440 on Pixabay.

What nationality do you most associate with delicious homecooked food and romantic gestures? The Italians? The French? Well, how about the Germans? Before you dismiss the idea, allow us to draw your attention to Lebkuchens…

These heart-shaped gingerbread biscuits are made from honey, nuts, ginger, and various other ingredients, dependent on the recipe you follow. As a finishing touch, Germans are fond of writing romantic messages on their Lebkuchens, using icing sugar, before presenting them to a loved one.

Romantic Garden Feature 4: Norfolk Grills Absolute Pro 4 Burner Luxury Gas BBQ Grill + Kitchen

a luxury outdoor kitchen, including BBQ grill, made from aluminium and steela luxury outdoor kitchen, including BBQ grill, made from aluminium and steel
You can cook romantic meals in the garden, to your heart's content, once you've bought the Norfolk Grills Absolute Pro 4 Burner Luxury Gas BBQ Grill + Kitchen.

Regrettably, we don’t sell Lebkuchens, but if your loved one’s heart is in their stomach, we can assist in helping you find it.

That’s because we stock the ultimate BBQ grill! If you think this is some sort of foolish lover’s boast, please consider the following…

This outdoor kitchen features 4 high-powered, stainless-steel burners; an additional side burner; cast-iron, heat-retaining grills; temperature gauge; warming rack; LED lighting; part-glass hood; serving tables; tea-towel rail; storage cabinets and drawers – in short, everything you need to win over the foodie of your dreams!

And there’s more…

This luxury BBQ also comes with its own fridge, sink and castors, so you can wash up, push the BBQ into its storage space, and then celebrate with a bottle of beer!

(Polite notice to our alpha male customers: if your wife cooks for you, you should volunteer to wash up if you want to keep her as your Valentine next year.)

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Valentine’s Day Fact 5: The Taj Mahal

The Taj MahalThe Taj Mahal
Image courtesy of Sudipta Mondal on Pexels.

One of the new Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal was built in the 17th century, by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, in memory of his beloved wife and soulmate Mumtaz Mahalin, a Persian princess who died while accompanying her husband on a military campaign.

Attracting between 7 and 8 million visitors every year, the Taj Mahal is generally regarded as the most romantic building in the world.

Romantic Garden Feature 5: Palmako Valentine 3.6m x 3.2m Premium Log Cabin (28mm)

a log cabin summerhouse with partially-glazed double doors and additional large windowa log cabin summerhouse with partially-glazed double doors and additional large window
Transform your homely backgarden into a far-flung honeymoon hotspot, with the Palmako Valentine 3.6m x 3.2m Premium Log Cabin (28mm).

And here is what we regard as the most romantic garden building in the world: the aptly-named Palmako Valentine Log Cabin.

Disregard the fact that this garden building is versatile enough to use as a shed or workshop, until after you’ve bought it for your Valentine. Instead, sell it to them for its primary function as a log cabin summerhouse – somewhere you can cuddle up together, at the back of the garden. It’s not hard to picture at all…

Beautifully built from ethically-sourced, slow-grown Nordic spruce, with a chalet-cut design and added wind braces, this log cabin is designed to bring the charm of the Swiss alps to the gardens of Sunderland and Stoke.

Carry your newlywed over the stainless-steel sill of the double-door threshold, into this little slice of luxury, available from us, at a price you can comfortably afford.

The large window and glazed sections of the doors are all made from real glass, offering you delightful views of the garden. Other premium features come as standard too, including a 16mm tongue and groove roof, a laminated door frame and exterior guttering.

And, should you truly love your Valentine, you’ll be sure to purchase the tongue and groove floor plus heavy-duty roof covering, as optional extras, too.

Discover all of our log cabins here.

Love Your Garden Here

a corner arbour seat and tall, white plantersa corner arbour seat and tall, white planters
Cuddle up together, on the Forest Firenze Corner Garden Arbour Seat 5'11 x 5'11 (1.8m x 1.8m), and give some love to your garden.

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