a cyclist, his bike and a 6x3 green metal bike shed

Bike storage is essential, whatever type of bike you own. Providing protection from the elements, a safeguard against theft, and a stylish feature for your garden too, a good bike shed is an absolute must if you’re serious about looking after your bikes.

In recent years, outdoor bike storage has become far more advanced to cater for the changing market in bikes. Gone are the old-fashioned, one-size-fits-all bike shelters, now replaced by tailormade bike storage solutions, specifically designed to match the type and value of the bike that needs protecting.

Here, we take a look at five of the best bike stores, each designed to cater for different bike storage requirements. These include traditional wooden bicycle sheds, high-value bicycle storage, space-saving vertical bike storage, electric bike sheds, and motorbike storage.

Traditional Wooden Bicycle Sheds: 6'6 x 2'7 Forest Shiplap Large Double Door Apex Bike Store (1.9m x 0.81m)

a wooden bike shed containing 2 bicyclesa wooden bike shed containing 2 bicycles
For a simple yet effective bicycle storage solution, choose the 6'6 x 2'7 Forest Shiplap Large Double Door Apex Bike Store (1.9m x 0.81m).

If your family owns a couple of standard bicycles, your go-to form of bicycle storage should be a bike store like this one.

Designed and built here, in Great Britain, this wooden bike shed is pressure treated and supplied with a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no further treatment is required, saving you money and leaving you more time to enjoy your bike rides.

The walls are made from 12mm shiplap cladding, which is robust, durable and supremely weathertight, while both floor and roof are constructed from hardwearing OSB. The former is supported by pressure-treated bearers, which provide a further barrier against ground moisture, while the latter is fitted with a mineral felt cover for complete weatherproof protection.

A generous 2000-litre capacity means that this bike store will comfortably house two adult bikes, which can easily be accessed via the wide double doors. However, should security be an issue, hidden hinges and a hasp & staple plate are effective obstacles against thieves.

Boasting a traditional apex roof, barge boards and smooth-planed finish, this bicycle storage shed won’t just provide excellent protection for your bikes, it’ll make an extremely attractive addition to your garden too.

High-Value Bicycle Storage: 6'4 x 2'9 Trimetals ‘Protect a Cycle’ Metal Bike Shed with Ramp - Cream (1.95m x 0.88m)

a cream metal bike storage unit with rampa cream metal bike storage unit with ramp
If you own a high-value bicycle, the 6'4 x 2'9 Trimetals ‘Protect a Cycle’ Metal Bike Shed with Ramp in Cream (1.95m x 0.88m) will give you complete peace of mind that it's safe and secure.

If you take your cycling seriously, chances are that your bicycle is worth thousands of pounds. And with an asset this valuable, it’s a sensible precaution to spend a little bit extra protecting it.

Having been endorsed by the police, insurance companies and the nation’s cycling press, this metal bike shed fits the bill perfectly.

The number of security features is quite extraordinary. They include 2 stainless-steel hasps; 2 Sold Secure Silver Approved (SSSA) high-security padlocks; an SSSA heavy-duty ground anchor; and an alarmed, cut-resistant, high-security steel cable, which has been approved by the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

And it’s not just the security measures that are first-class, the build is too. Constructed from PVC-coated galvanised steel and supplied with an incredible 25-year panel guarantee, this metal bike shed is weatherproof, fire retardant and impervious to rust, so it’ll go on providing A1 bicycle storage for many years to come, with zero maintenance required.

Accommodating up to 3 adult bikes, this particular model comes with an attractive cream finish and is fitted with a reinforced aluminium ramp. Other colours are available too, with or without the ramp.

Vertical Bike Storage: 2'6 x 3'6 Asgard Premium Vertical Bike Storage Locker (0.8m x 1.1m)

a green vertical bike storage lockera green vertical bike storage locker
For anyone with limited space in their garden, the 2'6 x 3'6 Asgard Premium Vertical Bike Storage Locker (0.8m x 1.1m) is the perfect bicycle store.

If you own a bike and have a smaller outside area, space-saving bicycle storage designs are particularly attractive propositions.

Well, this vertical bike storage locker is fitted with a guide rail, wheel-retaining hook and clamp, which allow you to securely store your bicycle, resting on its back wheel, in just a 2'6 x 3'6 space!

And thanks to some tidy compartments on the integral metal floor and sturdy interior hooks, there’s ample room to keep your helmet and other cycling accessories protected too.

The level of security on this vertical bike locker is immense. The top-of-the-range 3-point locking system features a key-operated Euro cylinder lock, which is drill and pick resistant, along with dead bolts to secure the door.

Other security measures include a reinforced handle surround, hidden exterior screw ends, and bolts to fix the bike shed to a concrete base. That said, if you’re worried about thieves making off with this bike store, don’t be – it’s built from heavy-duty galvanised steel and weighs over 20 stone!

British built and completely maintenance free, this metal bike shed also comes with ventilation holes on the door and a 10-year guarantee.

E Bike Storage: 7'7 x 3'4 Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike Shed (2.3m x 1.05m)

a green, metal electric bike shed containing 2 bicyclesa green, metal electric bike shed containing 2 bicycles
If you're one of the growing number of people who own an e bike, the 7'7 x 3'4 Asgard Access Premium Electric Bike Shed (2.3m x 1.05m) is the bicycle storage solution for you.

As the popularity of electric bikes has soared, so has the demand for e-bike sheds. And this model is one of the best…

Perfectly designed for e bikes, this electric bicycle shed comes with mounting plates attached to each side of the structure, ready for you to add electric sockets. Access holes and rubber grommets are included too, allowing you to feed charging cables into the bike store, so you can charge your e bikes while they’re safely under lock and key.

And safe they will be. The heavy-duty double doors and reinforced, gas-strut-assisted lid are secured by twin locking shrouds and a deadbolt, so your valuable e bikes are going nowhere, unless it’s with you in the saddle.

Built in Great Britain, from heavy-duty galvanised steel, this metal bike shed is also designed with integral steel flooring and supplied with an impressive 10-year guarantee.

Motorbike Storage: 9 x 5 Trimetals 'Protect a Bike' Secure Garden Storage (2.78m x 1.7m) 

a high-security motorbike shed containing 2 motorbikesa high-security motorbike shed containing 2 motorbikes
To provide the ultimate security for your motorbikes, buy the 9 x 5 Trimetals 'Protect a Bike' Secure Garden Storage (2.78m x 1.7m).

If you’re someone whose main love is motorbikes, rather than bicycles, we’ve got the perfect bike shed for you.

This motorbike garage is expertly constructed from PVC-coated galvanised steel panels, which are backed by an extraordinary 25-year guarantee. Robust, fire retardant and completely maintenance free, they will provide your bike with outstanding motorcycle storage for decades to come.

This motorcycle shed boasts unparalleled security. Features include a robust ground anchor (Solid Secure Gold Rated); 1.5m padlock and chain (Thatcham Approved); stainless-steel hasp and padlock; keyed handle with two locking bars; door bolting system; battery-operated alarm; and locking nuts on the exterior bolts, to prevent thieves from removing the panels from the outside.

With all this in mind, it’s hardly surprising that this motorbike storage unit is endorsed by both the police and motorcycle journalists, and has gained unique approval from the Loss Prevention Certification Board.

The Best Bike Sheds for Sale

a man putting a bicycle into a grey metal bike sheda man putting a bicycle into a grey metal bike shed
Australia's finest bicycle storage, the 7'5 x 2'7 Absco Double Door Metal Bike Shed in Grey (2.26m x 0.78m) comes with an incredible lifetime warranty.

Whatever type of bike you own, you need to buy a bike shed to keep it safe and protected. And the best possible place to buy your new bike shed is here, at Buy Sheds Direct.

That’s because we understand the unique requirements of bicycle sheds, e-bike storage and motorbike garages, and also appreciate how important your bike is to you.

Don’t jeopardise your bike’s security by delaying your purchase; find your ideal bike storage solution amongst our superb range of bike sheds for sale today!