Freestanding Wooden and Metal Garages

Not all of us are lucky enough to own a house with an in-built car garage; our automobiles and motorbikes instead occupy driveways and allocated roadside spaces. For those with enough available space though, a garage is certainly a worthwhile investment. Not only do they keep our vehicles safe and secure, even driving down expensive insurance premiums in some cases, but they can also prove invaluable spaces within which garden tools, gym equipment or toys can be stored.

The word ‘garage’ probably inspires images of permanent buildings constructed with bricks and mortar, but these are not the only options. Instead, why not consider a freestanding wooden or metal garage?

The benefits of freestanding garages are numerous. Of course, the largest is cost; a quick google search will advise prices of brick garages well exceed £10,000, putting them far above budget for most. Furthermore, not only are freestanding garages cheaper to purchase, but you won’t have to fork out thousands for professional assembly; they can be erected easily by you and a couple of DIY-handy friends!

Freestanding garages

Both wooden garages and metal garages have their advantages; which option is best for your garden though?

Wooden Garages

The traditional option, wooden garages blend in beautifully with a country cottage, complementing flowers and picket fences. Don’t be fooled by their appearance though, for wooden garages are typically constructed from heavy duty tongue and groove timber, rendering them protected against the elements as well as any wrongdoers. Designs are getting evermore ingenious too; some combine double garages with extra garden storage and living space for the ultimate outdoor structure.

Wooden garages

Metal Garages

More contemporary in appearance, metal garages sit superbly next to a modern or new-build home. Metal garages are primarily known for their superior security, some motorbike garages available actually boast police approved specifications. Many others feature 25-year warranties, heavy duty framework and are resistant to fires. Metal garages are maintenance free too, an advantage over their wooden counterparts and certainly a selling point for those averse to spending a few hours every year with a tub of treatment and brush in hand.

Metal garages

Overall, both are fantastic options with their own set of unique benefits. Which type of garage would you prefer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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