How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

How to Hide a Garden Shed

Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis.

However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and the tools to keep it in tip top shape. Therefore, you will more than likely have a shed stuck somewhere in your garden.

Even if a shed is shiny and new, we don't want it to be the main feature of the garden. So, we need to hide it somehow.

Here are four key methods you can use to hide your shed: concealment, distraction, improvement, and replacement.  

Concealing a Shed

There are a few ways to screen your shed, such as trees, shrubs and trellis. Assuming you don't want to fence your shed in, trellis panels, adorned with climbing plants, are perhaps the speediest garden screen. A few fence posts, some trelils fencing and a season or two for the climbing plants to grow... the sight of that shed will soon be a distant memory. 

You can choose to place the trellis as a panel away from the shed or actually attach it to the shed so the plants ramble across the building.

Bougainvillea climbing a fencePink clematis climbing garden trellis

Rambling red roses supported by garden trellis

Distracting from a Shed

Distraction is an interesting one. Consider using a sense other than sight.

How about sound? If one was to approach an ugly outdoor shed and hear the soothing sound of a water feature in the nearby corner of the garden, in which direction would your attention be drawn?

Or perhaps use scent and sight combined? An abundance of planters in front of the shed, all overflowing with beautiful scented plants will certainly steal the limelight from the shed.

 Rowlinson Tiered PlanterWishing Well FountainRowlinson Marberry Planter

Improving it with a Shed Makeover

Why not give your shed a makeover?

Paint it an interesting colour. Fix that roofing felt or why not invest in SkyGuard - this innovative shed roof covering will never tear or rip; apply it once and it's guaranteed to last for 20 years at least. Hang a few hanging baskets and it will be like new.

wood painted red and greenshed with Skyguard roof membrane

hanging basket on a garden shed

Replacing a Shed

Ahh, replacement, you say - I wondered when they were going to try and sell us something expensive. It’s certainly true that Buy Sheds Direct boasts a superb range of garden sheds, but have you ever considered purchasing an outdoor store to replace your old shed instead? These invaluable little garden storage facilities are spacious, secure, but tend not to be as tall as traditional sheds, making them far less obtrusive.

Click on the images for more product details.

 7x3 Forest Pressure Treated Large Apex Outdoor Store4x2 Shire Wooden Garden Storage Unit4x2 Forest Shiplap Pent Midi Wooden Garden Store

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let that ugly, old outdoor shed spoil the view in your garden. Remember: conceal, distract, improve or replace; and, if you have any further garden shed ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this article.