How to turn your shed into a cosy winter hideaway

Be it a Man Cave or She Shed, a secret snug is a place to savour. If yours is draughty, leaky and prone to spiders, moths and mice, then perhaps you need to put a little effort in to get it cosy. It doesn't take much.

Clear the clutter

No-one wants to share a space with a torn hessian sack or half empty and damp bag of charcoal (or is that just me?). With the rubbish gone, give the whole place a tidy. Find space elsewhere (garage perhaps?) for anything you don't use every week and then get to work adding the comfy factor.

Make your shed practical

If you are planning to use your shed for long periods of time stick some insulation in place. It's easily done and will instantly make things warmer. Same goes for de-draughting windows and doors. Then you need a heater. Think carefully as chances are there are some pretty flammable substances in the shed – so move them out or take into account when choosing.  And always think of safety – never forget that carbon monoxide kills. You then need to add the joys of a comfy shed – a radio (DAB for best reception; wind up to avoid having to nip back to the house for AA's ) and of course the comfiest chair you can find. It has to be deep, it has to be squashy, it has to be moulded to your shape and it has to be something you want to snooze in.

Adding electricity

But all of that is missing a trick if you can only use your snug for a few hours of daylight. You need lights. Running electricity to a shed is costly and will take a qualified electrician. However, a better option for many is to install some solar lights. Attach the panel to the shed roof, run the cable through a drilled hole and attach the light. There have been giant strides in solar lighting and you can kit yourself out with some great lighting without the need for an electrician. Some will even let you plug that DAB radio in.

Make it cosy

So now your snug is exactly that – snug. Cosy, warm, safe, comfy and lit with lighting powered by the sun. Add your favourite accessories - think soft cushions, warm snug throws and maybe even a cosy rug which you can snuggle your feet into while enjoying a toasty hot chocolate - the ideal relaxing space, the perfect winter hideaway. I can't think of any better way to spend a few hours gently thinking about the garden in the garden itself.

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