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  1. A Gazebo Adds Luxury to Your Garden

    a cedar roofed wooden garden gazebo with interior seating

    You Know You’ve Made it When You Own a Gazebo

    Gazebos are real standout garden buildings, aren’t they?

    Sheds, greenhouses and summer houses all fulfil essential roles, but there’s something uniquely special about owning a garden gazebo.

    A gazebo is such a versatile garden feature, offering you a place to entertain friends, dine alfresco with the family, relax with a good book, or simply shelter from showers - all in contemporary style and with a bit of panache.

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  2. The August Garden Guide

    The August Garden Guide

    August is the last full month of summer and one of the warmest of the year.

    As well as continuing with some of July’s tasks, you will need to address other areas of your garden too.  

    Here are our top 10 tips to help you make the most of your August garden and to ensure you retain plenty of interest as we move into autumn.

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  3. Great Buys to Get Kids Playing Outside

    a smiling child swinging up high in the sky

    Make Outdoor Play a Priority

    With screen time increasing, it's important to encourage children to get out in the garden and play. We've got some great buys to get kids playing outside, enjoying the fresh air and exercising.

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  4. Should I Buy a Summer House or a Log Cabin?

    a large wooden garden log cabin with veranda

    Are Summer Houses and Log Cabins the Same?

    Nowadays, because of changes in design and the emergence of hybrid models, the difference between summer houses and log cabins can be a bit of a grey area.

    Here we help you understand the differences before you decide which is best for you and your garden.

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  5. Choosing Climbing Plants for Arches, Arbours and Pergolas

    a wooden pergola over a pathway and covered in climbing plants

    Choosing Climbing Plants for Arches, Arbours and Pergolas

    Garden pergolas, arches and arbours are wonderful additions to any outdoor space. Not only do they look great but they provide invaluable support to some of the most beautiful plants a gardener can wish for. After all, climbing plants are the key to enhancing your arch, arbour or pergola.

    Here we suggest the best climbing plants for your garden feature and give you some top tips on how to care for your climbers.

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  6. The July Garden Guide

    The July Garden Guide

    July is often the warmest month of the year and your plants will be relying on you to help them cope with the hotter, drier conditions. Here are our top 10 tips for ensuring that your July garden remains in good shape and that you continue to enjoy those magnificent blooms.

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  7. Super Summer Giveaway Picnic Table

    Super Summer Giveaway Picnic Table

    It's GIVEAWAY TIME here at Buy Sheds Direct!

    Here at Buy Sheds Direct we are giving one person the lucky chance of winning a fabulous Forest Rectangular Wooden Garden

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  8. Your Guide to Wooden Garden Benches with A Wow Factor

    Your Guide to Wooden Garden Benches with A Wow Factor

    Everybody Needs a Garden Bench

    A garden bench is just a plain bench seat, right? Wrong! We have wooden garden benches for sale that are specifically tailored for every type of garden and every conceivable

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  9. The June Gardening Guide

    The June Gardening Guide

    In June, the warmer days and extra daylight hours encourage a surge of growth in your garden, but to fully appreciate those summer blooms you need to keep on top of everything.

    Here are our top 10 tips for making

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  10. 5 Small Summer Houses for Sale Under £900

    a green and white summerhouse with the door open showing furniture and bunting inside

    The Benefits of a Summerhouse

    A summerhouse is a garden hideaway where you can escape the demands of the modern world. Beautiful in design, summerhouses are ideal for dining, entertaining, relaxing

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