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  1. Do Garden Offices Add Value to Your Home? The Best Garden Offices in 2023

    a man works at his desk in a garden office. There is a bookshelf to his right and a plant behind him. A clock on the wall in front of him shows the time 12:45

    Have you ever considered improving your work-from-home setup with a garden office? If so, here we bring you some enticing garden office ideas and how to add value to your home.

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  2. Choosing the Best Shed for Your Garden: Shed Design Ideas, Sizes, Uses & Materials

    Forest Wooden Apex 10x6 Shed

    Read with us as we explore the best shed design ideas for 2023. Here we bring you a range of design ideas and discuss sizes available, materials available and potential uses for your shed.

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  3. Maximising Space in Urban Gardens with Vertical & Container Gardening Solutions

    4 slatted wall planters, populated with 15 potted plants on shelves and hooked on the slats, attached to a plain white wall with 2 spotlights pointed up at the 2nd and 4th planters

    Have you ever considered urban gardening? Here we explore the fast-growing gardening technique.

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  4. No Fuss Gardens: No Mo, Lawn Alternatives & Garden Landscaping Ideas for 2023

    a gravel-floored garden with a wooden fence, wooden shed and wooden planters

    In our latest guide, we discuss this approach and make numerous suggestions as to how gardening can become much less hassle for you. Read on as we discuss some landscaping ideas, which might just change your gardening life.

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  5. Embracing Maximalism: Designing the Perfect Maximalist Garden

    a window box full of flowers

    Read on as we explore how to create a maximalist garden including adding garden buildings, plants, and other elements, which boldly bring your outdoor space to life. We show you how!

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  6. Inspiring Summer House Ideas and Uses

    8x12 Summerhouse

    The design and types of summer houses have changed as their functionality has evolved. Potentially, the possibilities for how you can use summer houses are endless. Here to provide you with a discussion about potential summer house uses.

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  7. Embracing Self-Sufficiency, Sustainability & Off Grid Living: From Solar Panel Sheds to Vegetable Gardens


    Learn about harnessing solar energy with solar panel sheds and the advantages to you and the environment of cultivating off grid vegetable gardens.

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  8. Greenhouse Base Ideas & Foundation Options: Which One is Right for You?


    In this guide, we explore various greenhouse base ideas and foundation options, helping you determine which one best suits your gardening needs and environment.

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  9. Your One Stop Guide to Forest's Fantastic 3 Ranges of Wooden Sheds

    12 x 8 Forest Timberdale Tongue & Groove Pressure Treated Double Door Combination Apex Shed

    Forest is Britain’s leading manufacturer of wooden garden sheds. Discover the differences between their fantastic 3 ranges of wooden sheds here…

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  10. Small Garden Ideas: Cottage Garden Inspiration, Concepts & Layouts

    a shoe organiser repurposed for vertical gardening

    Here we explore small garden ideas and invite you to discover how to transform modest outdoor areas into charming outdoor living spaces.

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