It's Never Too Late to Buy a Summer House

Why Buy a Summer House at All?

There’s nothing quite like owning a summer house. They provide extra living space, enhance your time in the garden and add value to your home.

Comfortable, stylish, functional. A place to relax, entertain or work. Garden summer houses have it all.

There's also never a wrong time to buy a summer house. Really? Even after the summer has finished? Most definitely. Let's take a look at why...

5 Reasons to Buy a Summer House Even at the End of Summer

A 10x8 wooden summer house with a reverse apex roof, 6 windows and glazed double doors

1. Don’t Delay Buying a Summer House – we might have an Indian Summer

As surely as night follows day, so forecasts of an Indian summer come straight after a disappointing July and August.

The thing is, sooner or later, they’re going to be right.

Who’s to say it won’t be this year?

Make sure you maximise your enjoyment of a balmy September and October by purchasing your new summer house before autumn begins.

A green hexagonal summer house with a black roof and an open glazed door

2. Make the Most of Spring

Not even the most astute weather forecaster can predict what’s just around the corner (think Michael Fish and the 1987 hurricane) and they certainly don’t know what the weather will be like in over 6 months’ time.

If you’re planning on buying a summer house next June, who’s to say that the sunniest, warmest months won’t be April and May?

If that happens, think how satisfied you’ll feel at having bought your new summer house now.

A green garden room with a pent roof, 8 windows and open double doors

3. Summer Will Be Here Again Before We Know It

The older we get, the quicker the time seems to pass.

If you’re one of our younger customers and a bit sceptical about this, consider how many times you’ve heard your parents or grandparents say, ‘It seems like yesterday that I was your age’ or ‘I really don’t know where the last year’s gone’. 

Next summer will be here before we realise it. So, ensure your new summer house is sitting proudly in your garden without delay.

That way you will be sure to make the most of ALL of the summer.

A 7x5 wooden summer house with partially-glazed, open double doors

4. Don’t Delay Buying a Summer House – or it might never happen

Just like there are jobs that we know we should do but ‘can always wait’, so there are pleasures that, bizarrely, we seem to indefinitely postpone.

Purchasing a summer house is a case in point.

Life is for living and if you don’t maximise your enjoyment of it now, you possibly never will.

A woman stood at the front of a 12x8 summer house with rear storage

5. Our Premium Wooden Summer Houses Can Be Used Most Months Anyway

Our superior range of wooden summer houses are built from thick tongue and groove or shiplap cladding.

Furthermore, the timber is pressure treated and backed by a 15-year anti-rot guarantee, so no further treatment is required, saving you both time and money.

These aren’t just average summer houses – they’re premium garden buildings that you can use throughout most of the year.  

Summer House Sale Now On!

A green, hexagonal summer house with a brown shingle roof

We hope our efforts to prompt you into action have given you a chuckle but, behind the light-hearted patter, there’s a serious point:

A quality garden summer house is probably a once in a lifetime purchase and the simple fact is that the sooner you buy one, the sooner you’ll get to enjoy its many, many charms.

Here at Buy Sheds Direct, we are specialists in all types of garden buildings, and that most certainly includes summer houses.

Don’t delay, seize the day, make the most of our great prices and purchase your dream garden summer house from our superb range today.