Forest 5'11 x 4'11 Paloma Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel

The Benefits of Decorative Fencing

Decorative fencing can transform your outdoor space with very little effort required. There’s no need to employ a landscape gardener, sacrifice much-loved garden features, or worry about lack of space – beautiful, new decorative fence panels give your outdoor area the first-class facelift it needs, all by themselves.

Forest 6' x 4' Pressure Treated Dome Top Tongue and Groove Fence PanelAnd when you choose a decorative fence, don’t think that it has no practical use, either. Decorative fencing might look pretty but there are options available to provide any combination of privacy, security and a clear garden boundary. What’s more, certain decorative fence panels enjoy benefits which you’d struggle to find with any type of conventional fencing.

Top 5 Decorative Fence Panel Designs

Let’s take a look at five of the most popular styles of decorative fencing right now, to help you determine which might form your own perfect garden boundary.

1. Slatted Fence Panels

Forest 5'11 x 5'11 Pressure Treated Contemporary Slatted Fence PanelWith clean, modern lines and a minimalistic design, it’s easy to see why slatted fence panels are so popular. Not just a pretty face, they offer other benefits too:

Natural Light

One of the downsides of conventional fence fencing is that it blocks natural light, preventing you from making the most of the sunshine and harming your garden plants.

As slatted fence panels allow natural light to filter into the garden, they improve both your family’s and plants’ well-being.

Slatted Fence Panels Promote Good Air Flow

Plants growing alongside a conventional fence run won’t enjoy optimum levels of aeration. This can stunt their growth and spread disease.

Slatted fences not only permit more natural light, they facilitate excellent air flow too.

Forest 5'11 x 5'11 Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence PanelSlatted Fence Panels Withstand Strong Winds

When a fence panel has a slatted design, the wind will pass through the gaps in the panel, relieving pressure on the overall fence run and reducing the likelihood of damage.

Therefore, if you live in an area prone to strong winds, slatted fence panels make an excellent choice.

Double Slatted Fence Panels and Slatted Toppers

If you like the visual appeal of slatted fencing but require more privacy, why not consider double-slatted fence panels? The double slats reduce the size of the gaps between the boards but still offer some of the benefits of the single-slatted styles.

Alternately, for complete privacy and security, while still benefiting from the stylish slatted design, opt for solid fence panels with slatted tops. You could even use the slatted section to support a prickly climbing plant, deterring intruders in the process.  

2. Hit and Miss Fencing

Forest 5'11 x 4'11 Exeter Pressure Treated Decorative Fence PanelHit and miss fencing is designed by alternately fitting horizontal boards and vertical battens to either side of the fence panel.

Apart from their aesthetic appeal, hit and miss fence panels provide certain other benefits:

Hit and Miss Fence Panels Make for Happy Neighbours

The equal division of boards and battens between both sides of the fence panel means that each side of the fence is equally attractive.

With this sort of benefit, your neighbours will probably welcome your new fence run. Who knows, they might even be willing to split the cost of it with you?

Complete Privacy

At first glance, hit and miss fence panels can sometimes resemble slatted fencing. The big difference is that they provide complete privacy for your garden because the gaps between the boards on your side of the fence are covered by those on the neighbours’ side.

3. Trellis

Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Europa Hamburg Decorative Garden Screen PanelTrellis fencing is the perfect way to marry the manmade and natural elements of your garden.

Also known as lattice, trellis is beautiful in its own right, but once used to train and support climbing plants, it allows you to create a completely unique garden boundary.

Trellis fence panels’ other plus points include:

Natural Light, Airflow and Wind Resistance

With its criss-cross design, trellis allows as much natural light, airflow and wind resistance as slatted fencing. Even when adorned with climbing plants, trellis is still superior to conventional fence panels for these three things.

Trellis Is the Gardener’s Choice

If you love growing plants, what could be better than choosing fence panels that support and train climbing varieties? There are so many to choose from – jasmine, clematis, roses, to name but a few.

Forest 5'11 x 2'11 Rosemore Pressure Treated Diamond LatticeWider Uses for Trellis Panels

Trellis panels needn’t be solely used to create a fence run.

You can put them against a bland brick wall for a touch of glamour, position them to hide unsightly wheelie bins, use them to compartmentalise your garden, or fix trellis toppers to increase the height and improve the appearance of existing fence panels.

To find out more about garden trellis, please click here.

4. Picket Fencing

Forest 5'11 x 2'11 Heavy Duty Pressure Treated Pale Picket Fence PanelAlong with trellis, picket fencing is the most traditional type of decorative fence panel.

Sometimes referred to as palisade fences, picket fencing is a hugely popular and incredibly tasteful option for low-lying, informal garden boundaries, particularly in cottage gardens.

Aesthetic appeal aside, it offers the following benefits too:

Picket Fencing Is Unobtrusive

Picket fences are invariably small, so if you live in a beautiful area, they won’t spoil your view.

Being low lying, picket fence panels also allow you to keep a watchful eye on your children and pets if they’re playing or roaming just outside your garden.

Picket Fences Promote Natural Light, Airflow and Wind Resistance

The gaps between the pales and the low height of the panel allow natural light to filter into your garden, and promote good airflow too. This design also means your fence run is unlikely to be affected by strong winds.

5. Contemporary Fence Panels

Contemporary fence panels are universally sleek, eye-catching and stylish. They can form a garden boundary which will be the envy of your friends.

Contemporary fencing encompasses a number of styles, including slatted and hit and miss fence panels, which we have already covered. Other notable designs include:

Forest 6' x 5'11 Acoustic Noise Reduction Tongue and Groove Fence PanelTongue and Groove Fence Panels

It might be plain but, boy, does tongue and groove fencing look stylish?

Available with vertically or horizontally-set boards, in a range of heights, and with a variety of top profiles, tongue and groove panels are ‘premium’ in every sense of the word.

We even stock tongue and groove fencing specifically designed to prevent noise pollution!

Forest 6' x 6' Willow Hurdle Decorative ScreenWillow Fencing Screens

Incredibly eye-catching and with a charming rustic design, which is sure to complement the natural elements of your garden, willow hurdle screens provide oodles of aesthetic appeal and complete privacy.

Rowlinson 6 x 6 Palermo Grey Fence Panel with Opaque InfillContemporary Fence Panels with Infills

For a truly striking fence run, how about purchasing a set of panels with horizontal or vertical opaque infills?

This style of fencing works beautifully in a contemporary garden.

Forest 5'11 x 3'11 Kyoto Pressure Treated Decorative Fence PanelContemporary Fencing with Slatted Trellis Toppers

Available in a range of designs and with a slatted or trellis top section, these contemporary fence panels offer you the best of both worlds.

The bulk of the panel provides privacy and security, while the smaller top section ensures an attractive appearance, increased natural light, better airflow, and the opportunity to support climbing plants.

Forest 6' x 6' Contemporary Grey Slatted Fence PanelGrey Contemporary Fence Panels

If you’re looking for a readymade differently-coloured fence run, grey fence panels are a particularly discerning choice.

Perfectly suited to the modern garden, grey fencing is attractive, understated and complements any other shade of garden décor.

Decorative Fencing for Sale

Forest 5'11 x 5'11 High Kempton Fence PanelAs the new home of fencing, here at Buy Sheds Direct, we love decorative fence panels. Speak to one of our friendly, UK-based customer service representatives for advice on which designs to choose, as well as any other fencing-related matters.

We have a huge choice of decorative fence panels for sale in all of the popular sizes, along with matching garden gates and useful fencing accessories.

View our superb range of decorative fencing now.