A black gas cabinet heater in the corner of a room

Why Buy A Portable Gas Heater?

Winter Is Coming - Time for Shed Heating

A portable gas heater is essential if you’re going to spend time in a shed, summer house or log cabin during the cold winter months.

Perhaps you use your garden building as a home office, garden retreat or hobby room? Well, no matter how good the insulation, if you want to feel comfortable over the next few months, you need to make sure you buy an effective portable gas heater.

Few people go without central heating in their homes between November and March, so it’s only natural to make sure garden buildings are properly heated too.

a black portable gas heater with a living flame-effect displayPortable Gas Heaters are Convenient and Effective

There’s no need to worry about connecting a summer house heater to the mains or any sort of other static power supply. They work using a gas cylinder, fitted into the back of the unit, which means they’re incredibly easy to manoeuvre and versatile.

Invariably, gas cabinet heaters feature adjustable settings too, so you can select exactly the right temperature for your own garden building, according to its size and the temperature outside.

Generally speaking, as long as the heater has a maximum output of 3kw, it will be powerful enough to warm most sheds, summer houses and log cabins.

They're Safe Too

Like with any approved gas or electrical appliance, portable gas heaters are designed to meet rigorous safety standards.

Always buy a summer house heater that is CE-approved, which means that it meets the strictest European safety regulations.

And They're The Easiest Way to Heat A Garden Building

Insulating a garden building, or connecting one to a power supply, can be an expensive and time-consuming business.

On the other hand, using a portable gas cabinet heater couldn't be easier.

It will already include a hose, regulator and all of the other essential parts required. The only thing that you will need to purchase separately is the gas cylinder. 

Once you have this, you’re all ready to transform your shed, summer house or log cabin into a cosy, inviting second home, which is suitable for use the whole year round.

4 Premium Portable Gas Heaters

Portable gas heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, each with their own unique selling points.

Let’s take a look at 5 premium summer house heaters for sale right now, so you can determine the best way to heat your own garden building.


a grey summer house heater, positioned next to double doors


1. Lifestyle Seasons Warmth Grey Summer House Portable Gas Heater

With Piezo electronic ignition, 3 adjustable settings and a maximum output of 4.2kw, this portable gas heater will turn any garden building into a warm and welcoming environment.

Expertly built from stainless steel and with a set of 4 castors, it is robust, easy to manoeuvre and impervious to rust.

Should you inadvertently knock the heater over, or should there be insufficient oxygen in the air, the oxygen depletion safety valve and flame failure device will shut the heater down immediately.

a red portable gas cabinet heater next to a pair of slippers


2. Lifestyle Seasons Warmth Red Portable Gas Cabinet Heater

Constructed from stainless steel and with a striking red finish, this summer house heater won’t just heat your garden room to perfection, it will draw plenty of admiring glances from your visitors too.

Featuring Piezo ignition, 3 radiant plaques, a chrome wire guard and a maximum heat output of 4.2kw, this log cabin heating system offers an effective, safe and economical source of warmth for any garden building.

Three separate heat settings and a set of 4 castors make it versatile and mobile too.

a black catalytic portable gas heater


3. Lifestyle Black Cat Catalytic Portable Gas Cabinet Heater

This summer house heater employs flameless catalytic technology to provide a consistent source of heat to a summer house or log cabin.

What’s more, with 3 heat settings and automatic ignition within the controls, it couldn’t be easier to use.

Built in Europe to exacting standards, this summer house heater includes a number of clever safety features and is fully CE-approved.

a small, red, portable summer house heater


4. Lifestyle Mini Red Heatforce Summer House Portable Gas Heater

This portable gas heater might be small in size but its 4.2kw maximum output ensures it’s big on heat.

Weighing just 10kg (excluding gas cylinder), with 3 heat settings and 4 castors, this summer house heater is incredibly user-friendly and easy to manoeuvre.

Other notable features include Piezo electronic ignition, radiant plaques, an oxygen depletion system safety valve and a flame failure device.

Portable Gas Heaters for Sale

a black portable gas heater with 4 castors and a protective grill


As you can see, portable gas heaters are an excellent way to warm a shed, summer house or log cabin, the whole year round.

Be sure to make the most of your own garden building this winter, by selecting from our superb range of portable gas heaters for sale now.



Heat the Rest of Your Garden Up Too

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They’re all impeccably built, fully CE-approved and boast a wide range of premium features. Why not take a look at them now?