Why You Need a Patio Heater or Fire Pit

A Patio Heater or Fire Pit Warms Your Garden Once Summer’s Over

The summer might be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean you have to head back indoors and hibernate until next spring. A patio heater or fire pit can provide the comfort and warmth you need to extend your time outdoors well into autumn and beyond.

So, if the end of summer has left you melancholy, let the following scenarios warm your heart and fill you with excited anticipation of the rest of the year.

Reasons to Buy A Patio Heater or Fire Pit

A small outdoor heater on a wooden table, next to some wine glasses


A Table-Top Patio Heater for Alfresco Dining in September

It’s late September and your neighbours are spending their evenings indoors, while the kids are tucked up in bed early so they’re fresh for school tomorrow.

Now that you’ve got the garden to yourselves and don’t need to make small talk over the fence, why not enjoy an alfresco supper for two?

There’s no need to worry about the cool September air because your new portable gas heater - the Lifestyle Chantico - provides just the right amount of heat to ensure you’re both cosy and warm, well into the evening.

A large, cylindrical gas patio heater with a visible flame


A Gas Patio Heater Offers Guests A Warm Welcome in October

Your friends might have hosted their final garden party of the year in August, but that needn’t stop them heading over to your place for a Halloween-themed get-together in your garden.

They seemed a bit surprised when you said the party would be held outdoors, but they hadn’t reckoned on your new purchase from Buy Sheds Direct.

With a maximum heat output of 11kw, your new Lifestyle Santorini patio heater offers plenty of warmth for everyone, as well as an uninterrupted, 360o view of its dancing flame.   


A stainless-steel fire bowl


A Boxing Day Barbie 

The Christmas dinner was a huge success, but you’ve decided to give the family something a little bit different to cold turkey sandwiches on Boxing Day.

The kids thought you’d had too many glasses of sherry when you told them that dinner would be served outside, but they hadn’t seen what Santa had brought you.

Your stunning, new Lifestyle Prima contemporary fire pit is not only capable of warming a mid-winter garden, it doubles-up as an excellent BBQ too.

Superior Patio Heaters and Fire Pits for Sale



Our gas patio heaters and fire pits are all safe, stylish and made with superb attention to detail.

So, whether you’re a homeowner who wants to extend their time in the garden, or a business owner who wants to offer your customers a comfortable, heated outdoor area, you’ll find exactly what you need amongst our wonderful range of patio heaters and fire pits for sale.

Oh, and you'll find a gas patio heater even more enjoyable if you've got somewhere to sit down next to it.