Garden Furniture Ideas

Garden Furniture Ideas Just for You

As summer begins and we spend more of our time outdoors, comfortable garden furniture is a must.

A couple of tired-looking camping chairs, full of holes and with wonky legs, just won’t do if you've taken the trouble to make the rest of your garden look just so.

In order to properly enjoy your time outside and keep your garden looking at its best, we recommend investing in some of our exquisite outdoor furniture.

The Rowlinson Hampton Wooden Garden Companion Seat, situated in a beautiful garden, with a magazine on one of the chairs and a tea pot and tea cups on the table.2 ladies with glasses of wine, sat in the garden at the Forest Picnic Table 4 Seater Round Legs

We stock a huge range of patio furniture, including premium-quality picnic benches, stylish garden chairs, sumptuous rattan garden furniture and beautiful sets of garden tables and chairs.

Overwhelmed by the choice? Don’t worry, we’ve got some wonderful garden furniture ideas here, just for you.

Different Types of Garden Furniture

Picnic Benches

Perfect for barbecues, picnic benches bring everyone together. You’ll be able to share some time with friends and family, without having to shout halfway across the garden.

Once you've purchased a picnic table, your neighbours, peacefully watering their flowerbeds, won’t be disturbed by an enthusiastic request for the ketchup.

The Forest Circular Wooden Garden Picnic Table with Seat Backs, situated on a lawn and with a tea set on the table.The Rowlinson 4ft Wooden Garden Picnic Bench, situated on a lawn and with condiments on the table.

Garden Chairs and Benches

Perhaps you prefer less of a crowd and don’t need the seating capacity provided by a picnic bench?

If so, why not pick up some stylish garden chairs or a garden bench instead? Wooden garden furniture is always a great choice; it's rustic, timeless and will suit any garden setting.

The Forest Grizedale Wooden Garden Chair, sat on a patio, with shrubs in the background.The Rowlinson Softwood Wooden Garden Bench, situated on a lawn, with a hat on the seat, tennis rackets to the side and a book underneath.

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan furniture is extremely popular with our customers, being low-maintenance, lightweight and durable.

Rattan sofa sets and rattan dining sets ooze contemporary style, as you can see by the images below.

The Rowlinson Bunbury Rattan Garden Patio Furniture Set, including a sofa, 2 chairs and a table, situated on a patio.The Rowlinson Thornbury Corner Rattan Garden Table and Chairs Dining Set, situated on a patio, with plates, glasses and bottles of wine on the table.

Garden Table and Chairs

There's nothing quite as civilised as sitting down with the family for a spot of alfresco lunch, served on a stylish garden table and chairs set, is there?

If your tastes are a little more understated than the rattan furniture sets shown above, we stock something for you too.

The Rowlinson Plumley 4 Seater Wooden Garden Table and Chairs, situated on gravel, in a beautiful garden, with an ice bucket containing bottles on top of the table.The Forest Grizedale 8 Seater Wooden Garden Table and Chairs Dining Set, situated on a patio, at the back of a white cottage with a thatched roof.

We hope you've enjoyed this article and that we've inspired you to upgrade your garden furniture this summer. 

If you'd like to browse our superb full range of outdoor furniture, here's the link.

(The image at the top of the page is the Rowlinson Bali Wooden Garden Table and Chairs Dining Set.)

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