a green and white summerhouse with the door open showing furniture and bunting inside

The Benefits of a Summerhouse

A summerhouse is a garden hideaway where you can escape the demands of the modern world. Beautiful in design, summerhouses are ideal for dining, entertaining, relaxing and pursuing hobbies such as reading, art and many other activities. This versatile garden building is also great as a seasonal garden office, ideal for homeworking during the school summer holidays.

Though many modern properties now have smaller gardens, there is still a range of small summerhouses which will allow you to have a gorgeous garden retreat without taking over the whole of your outdoor space.


Budget-friendly Summerhouses

You'll find around a dozen of our summerhouses under £900, and some closer to £600 depending on current offers. A summer house is an excellent investment in your garden and your lifestyle. With guarantees ranging from 10 to 15 years, you'll get season after season of pleasure and practical use from these delightful garden buildings.

Many choose to transform their summerhouses into garden bars, games rooms, media rooms and even outdor gyms. The valuable extra living space is a multi-purpose area ready to meet your needs.

If you love to spend time in your garden; enjoy the sunshine and fresh air; and want to make the most of the space you have, a wooden summerhouse is a a super choice.


5 Small Summer Houses for Under £900 

The Forest Oakley 7x5 Wooden Summerhouse with doors open to show bistro set

Forest 7x5 Oakley Summer House

A delightful summerhouse, the Forest Oakley is strong as well as pretty.

The timber has been pressure treated to provide the summer room with a 15 year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. Plus, unlike many cheap summerhouses, the floor is 14mm solid wood; this will withstand years of footfall far longer than the OSB you'll find in other summerhouses.

The three-quarter glazed double doors, two more long windows to the front and a further two side windows create a light-filled summer room.

Completing this charming summerhouse are the scalloped barge boards which ooze English garden style.

The Shire Barclay 8x8 Corner Summer House

Shire Barclay 7x7 Corner Summerhouse

With a space-maximising corner design, the Barclay offers the prime position for relaxing and enjoying views of your garden from this prime position.

Fully-glazed double doors and two additional full-length windows ensure that the interior enjoys a plethora of natural light. The pent-style roof creates modern lines for a contemporary design.

The walls are built from 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding. Tongue and groove boasts a tight interlocking construction renowned for withstanding the elements. The floor is also premium tongue and groove for a robust, reliable build. 

With a 10 year guarantee, this handsome summer house will be your favourite spot in the garden for years to come.

An 8x8 model is also available.

The 7x7 Windsor Traditional Wooden Summer House, situated on garden decking, with 2 plants on the veranda and triangular flags pinned to the eaves.

Windsor Traditional 7x7 Summerhouse with Veranda

Available at an incredibly competitive price, this dip-treated log cabin boasts its own veranda.

Durable 12mm tongue and groove walls ensure an incredibly robust structure. The half-glazed doors feature a key-operated lock to keep any furniture and belongings secure.

The integral veranda provides an additional sheltered space and unquestionably adds to this garden summer house’s aesthetic appeal.

Furthermore, this superb small summer house comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee. 

The 8x8 Windsor Vermont Wooden Summer House, full of furniture, with lights on and situated on a patio.

Windsor Vermont 8x8 Summerhouse

This contemporary summer house is an incredibly versatile garden building.

Easy to imagine as a seasonal garden office, a dedicated home gym, or the perfect venue for your garden soirees, the bifold doors and full-length windows ensure that the interior enjoys an abundance of natural light.

The walls are built from durable 12mm tongue and groove cladding, backed by a 28mm x 28mm frame, so you can rest assured that this garden summer house boasts outstanding structural integrity.

The floor is also tongue and groove, ready for whatever purpose you choose for the summerhouse.


The Shire Buckingham Summer House

Shire Buckingham Garden Summerhouse

A traditional wooden summerhouse with a superbly robust build, the Shire Buckingham is a popular garden sanctuary.

Built from tongue and groove throughout, this summerhouse will withstand the elements and years of use. Boasting tongue and groove walls, floor AND roof, all supported by a 34x34mm frame, this garden room is excellent value for money.

The Georgian-style glazed doors and window, scalloped barge boards, and traditional latch all add to the distinctive beauty of this garden summerhouse.



With summer here, we'll inevitably be spending more time outdoors and, as you can see, a small summer house really does make a wonderful addition to your garden.

Why not take a moment to view Buy Sheds Direct’s superb range of summer houses, the garden buildings that really can help you work, rest and play.

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