Garden and Outdoor Furniture Storage Ideas During Winter

The first day of winter is very nearly upon us; Jack Frost’s icy grip is tightening on Britain, attacking us with sleet, snow and freezing winds. At this time of year, one would probably worry about whether there is enough time to finish the Christmas Shopping and perhaps not the rattan set sitting on the patio, but maybe your garden furniture deserves a quick thought?

garden furniture covered in snow

Your beautiful outdoor bench and chairs are a statement piece in the garden; they deserve some protection from the elements during the winter season. Of course, modern furniture is constructed from a range of high quality materials but, as the old saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry. Come the summer, you want to ensure everything will be in pristine condition to impress the neighbours at barbecues and garden parties.

To avoid furniture faux-pas and garden gaffes, it’s advisable to stow away your outdoor pieces throughout the winter season. First, on a milder day, clean everything thoroughly; even the cushions require at least wiping with a damp cloth to remove any acquired dirt or grime. Next, stack cautiously, allowing enough space for air to circulate (this will help prevent mould developing on wooden items), and be careful to ensure the furniture won’t come crashing down at the slightest knock!

Where to keep it?

If you don’t have a protective cover, sheds, log cabins and garages will all be perfect places to store your furniture. They will be dry and sturdy, providing more than enough resistance against the wicked winter weather. There is a range of durable materials and aesthetics to choose from: from minimalistic plastic and metal sheds, to traditional wooden apex sheds, and contemporary log cabins.


Some larger garden workshops and log cabins will even have side storage sections, perfect for keeping furniture shielded. That garden office, gym or workshop you’ve always wanted now has the dual purpose of keeping your chairs and benches safe!


On the other hand, it does seem like an awful waste to keep your gorgeous garden amenities hidden from view for at least 3 months in the year. Regrettably, they may even become an eyesore once heaped into a corner.

Instead, how about using a chair or sofa as a stylish and comfortable piece in your workshop or greenhouse? Much better than an old plastic one, or one on wheels, both of which are almost certainly broken or lopsided. Maybe a table too could double up as a workbench for those DIY projects that can’t wait until the summer months. Just because winter has set in, does not mean your precious patio furniture can’t be useful.

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