orangery style greenhouse in a garden setting

Let Your Garden Design Dreams be Inspired by these Garden Seating Areas

a garden patio surrounded by staggered boardsMake a feature of your patio and add privacy with this clever idea. Posts, gradually increasing in height add impact to what would otherwise be an average patio. You could use a variety of materials from rustic logs to metal poles.



a garden bench next to a fence with lots of decorative accessoriesAccesories can add a real wow factor to your seating area. Treat your garden as an extension of your home and decorate it with as much attention to detail as you would indoors. The result? A welcoming area where you look forward to spending time.

If a garden bench is your ideal spot to relax or read a book, take a look at our garden benches here.



A patio partially surrounded by fence panelsIf privacy is an issue, with neighbours close by or an area open to the road, fence panels can be used to create a secluded area. You do not have to block off your full view and can still enjoy the scope of your garden but without the worry of eyes from over the fence or passers by.

For the perfect fence panels for creating your own secluded area, take a look at our decorative fence panels here.



a secluded garden deck with slatted panel and lots of plantsIf you do want a fully secluded area, this enclosed deck has all the right ideas. The slatted panels offer both light and privacy. Creating a roof with them adds a sophisticated touch, giving the impression of a room outdoors. A living wall and plenty of plants further enhance the combination of indoors and outdoors working together.

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a bench under a living willow domeIf a living wall appeals, how about a full dome? This willow area creates a natural sanctuary full of dappled light. This is an area that will change through the seasons and over the years. Using seating from natural materials, such as bamboo or wood, with complete this beautiful sanctum.



a pergola dining area with barbecue far from the houseIf space allows, make your seating area a destination experience. Placed far across the lawn, making a journey to your sheltered dining area will create a sense excitement for your family gathering or garden party. A pergola is a great value way to define a special area of your garden.

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a glass orangery with plants and furnitureThe ultimate in outdoor seating areas, an orangery or glass house can be used come rain or shine.You can surround yourself with plants that thrive in a green house environment and enjoy views of your garden.

If an orangery take your fancy try our Palram Victory Orangery here or, why not consider a gazebo? You can view our range of gazebos here.


If you have designed an incredible garden seating area in your garden, send us a picture. We love new ideas!