Outdoor Furniture Ideas

The temperature is, at long last, reaching the high 20's. What does this mean for the Great British public? Friday evenings and Saturdays spent in beer gardens with a cold, refreshing pint in hand; complaints from employees and school children alike - ‘is it even legal to make us work/study in this heat?’; and, of course, the long-awaited return of summer barbecues with friends and family.


Outdoor furniture time is here


Is there anything better in life than relaxing in the garden on a Sunday afternoon, chowing down on a delicious barbecued burger? I think not.

The beauty of barbecues is their simplicity - all you need is the barbecue itself (well, obviously), scrumptious food, thirst-quenching beverages, sun-tan lotion for the fairer skinned among you, good company and, of course, comfortable garden furniture.

Comfortable garden furniture is a must - a couple of tired-looking camping chairs full of holes with wonky legs just won’t do. In order to make the most of your barbecues, it’s time to invest in functional and stylish seating.

Overwhelmed by the choice? Don’t worry, we’ve got some brilliant outdoor furniture ideas.


Picnic Tables

Perfect for barbecues, picnic tables bring everyone together. You’ll be able to share a laugh and a joke with friends and family without shouting halfway across the garden. And your neighbours, peacefully watering their flowerbeds, won’t be disturbed by an enthusiastic request for the ketchup.


Wooden picnic tables are brilliant garden furniture options


Garden Chairs

Perhaps you prefer less of a crowd, and don’t need the additional seating capacity a picnic table provides? Why not pick up a couple of stylish garden chairs instead? Wood is a great option here - wooden garden furniture is rustic, traditional, and timeless.


There’s a chair perfect for every garden - here are our picks


Wood’s Not the Only Material - Rattan Garden Furniture

If you’re not a fan of wooden furniture, maybe rattan is the material for you? Another ever-popular choice, rattan garden furniture is low-maintenance, lightweight, and extremely durable. As well as the stunning products featured below, we have some splendid rattan outdoor furniture ideas ranging from expansive dining sets to simple chairs. Just click here if you’re interested.


A few fantastic rattan outdoor furniture ideas


Metal Outdoor Furniture Ideas

Barbecues, though, are not the only option for alfresco dining. Charming your significant other (or potential partner), is made simple with a romantic metal bistro set. Appropriate for both Saturday morning brunches and candlelit evening dinners - metal garden furniture creates an intimate atmosphere.


Love is in the air with our metal bistro sets


Whether you prefer metal, rattan, or wooden garden furniture matters not - what’s important is that your outdoor space houses comfortable, attractive seating. Of course, the usage of such furniture is not limited to alfresco dining either: immersing oneself in a good book, catching a few summer rays, or having a catch up with a friend are all equally viable options.

Hopefully, our outdoor furniture ideas have inspired you to upgrade your patio this summer. Please get in touch if you’ve got any questions about our products - our customer service team are always happy to help.

Oh, and if you’re concerned about storing your furniture over winter - this blog post may just help.