Shed Painting Ideas and How to Create a Themed Shed

Every garden needs a shed, a place that your garden tools can call home - as well as the various other items and equipment that cannot be stored in the home.

When you first built your shed you will remember its impressive finish that stood boldly in the garden; however, over the years the weather has taken its toll and reduced it to a little less impressive.

We guide you through how to restore your shed's beauty. But we don't stop there.

We inspire you to get really creative and paint the interior of your shed to create a themed shed.

How to Prepare Your Shed for Painting

  • You will first need to check for any loose nails and screws. Tighten or hammer these down. 
  • Remove any obvious dirt such as spider webs, mud, algae and moss.
  • Now is a great time to fill in any gaps with caulk or wood filler.
  • Once the wood filler is dry, apply a coat of primer
  • When the primer is dry, your shed is ready to be painted.
  • Don't forget to put down drop sheets to protect the base, patio or grass.


Exterior Shed Painting Ideas

The standard garden shed is brown. You may see green or blue sheds too. However, there is nothing to stop you painting your shed any colour of the rainbow. 

If you get fed up of it, simply repaint the next season.

wood painted orange

wood painted yellow

wood painted red and green


Interior Shed Painting Ideas

With more and more people converting their sheds into leisure spaces, it's time to start painting our shed interiors.

Follow the same practical guidelines above.

But, of course, we're suggesting you take it one step further and create a themed shed.

Follow the same practical guidelines above.

The Sport Lovers Shed

Turn your shed into a sports den. Paint the walls with sports murals or just go for green and add a variety of sports balls and equipment.

To power a TV, try out one of our solar power stations.

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10x7 Windsor Shiplap Apex Wooden Garden Shedboxing paintingfootball on fire art


The Seaside Sanctuary

Create an idyllic escape in your own back garden with a beach or seaside themed shed.

Get out the deck chairs, the paddling pool and relax.

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The Shire Casita Shed Summerhousea painted seaside scenebeach scene painting


Wild West Saloon Bar

Turn your shed into a saloon themed bar. Adorn the walls with stetsons and horse tackle. Stock the bar. Grab a bar stool and you're ready, cowboy.

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10x6 Forest Champion Barnstyle Workshop - Stable Door

7x7 Shire Barn Double Door Garden Shed








Don't forget the kids

Paint a playhouse in commando colours for your little soldiers or pink for a fairytale escape.

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 5x5 Rowlinson Playaway Playhouse6x4 Shire Command Post Playhouse wood painted pink



These are just a few of the hundreds of choices you can choose for your garden shed. At a minimal cost you can spruce up any shed and restore the beauty to your garden.