With autumn already underway and winter fast approaching, the colourful shades of summer are fading and your garden will need to be prepared for the colder months. Autumn is a busy time with much preparation needed, so here are our five favourite products to get your garden ready for the hard-working months ahead.

Get your garden ready for autumn/winter with our favourite garden products

6 x 2 Hillhout Caldo Double Log Store

If you want more than just a simple log store to keep your logs dry in the autumn, then look no further – this Caldo Double log store has everything you need and more providing a versatile garden storage solution. With its two sections and two shelves, you will not only be able to keep your logs dry, but also organise your kindling and any other equipment you may need.

Although a bit pricier, this attractive log store has a strong galvanised steel pent roof, protecting items from the elements and enabling efficient drainage of rain. Air circulation is aided by slatted floor and walls, allowing logs to dry naturally and quickly when stored.

Manufactured from high-quality smooth planed, pressure treated timber; the log store has a 15-year guarantee against rot and fungal decay. With better quality, this log store has it all and is definitely worth the extra pennies, a true investment to your garden.

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Mini Greenhouse

With the weather getting cooler in October, a mini greenhouse is a perfect way to extend the growing season. This compact mini greenhouse is ideal for storing plants and growing herbs over the cold winter months, protecting them from the harsher weather. During winter, tender plants can be stored away from the frost and bulbs can be planted for Christmas flowering.

The versatile nature of this greenhouse allows the maintenance of a controlled airflow and temperature for the plants, by the use of the two independent opening lids and doors. The wooden greenhouse comes complete with two internal slatted shelves, designed to fit a standard grow bag. The lower front edge allows maximum light into the greenhouse, ideal for the shorter days, ensuring you can make use of the valuable resource.

For little effort, this Mini Greenhouse can help you grow throughout the year and in a small corner of your garden – an autumn must!

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6×3 Pent Shiplap Dip treated Shed

Slim and secure, this 6×3 pent shed is a perfect storage solution, making the most out of limited space in smaller gardens. Against a wall or in narrow spaces, these sheds are ideal for storing bikes or other garden equipment. Greater security is achieved as there is no window, creating a safer place to store your belongings. For extra security, the shed door has sturdy ‘Z’ framing for added strength and hidden door hinges with a plate hasp and staple.

The 6×3 Shiplap apex shed is designed to withstand the wetter conditions with waterproofing felt on the roof and stable, robust pressure treated boarded floor and roof. The high-quality shiplap construction has interlocking smooth planed boards creating a watertight design. These special properties make this little shed an attractive yet practical addition to the garden.

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6×4 Overlap Reverse Apex Double Door shed

6×4 Overlap Reverse Apex Double Door shed

A fantastic storage solution, this Overlap Reverse Apex Double Door shed is compact and practical, maximising the use of extra storage space. The square cut overlap construction offers a traditional and sturdy build with double ‘Z’ framing for added strength in the winter months. With a windowless design, security of the shed is increased.

The clever reverse apex design allows for convenient double door access, making the most of the interior space. This allows for storage of plants over winter, protecting them from the cold and accessibility for any large garden equipment. Ideal for smaller gardens or as a second storage shed, why not add a potting bench to your shed? A handy potting bench is a perfect place for potting your flowers ready for winter!

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5×3 Bi-Fold Double Bin Store

5×3 Bi-Fold Double Bin Store

Our wheelie bins aren’t the most pleasant sight to look at, and you probably don’t want them cluttering up your garden. But now you don’t have to – our 5×3 Bi-Fold Double Bin Store is perfect for disguising your unsightly wheelie bins. With its sleek yet practical design, movement of the wheelie bins is made easy by the two independent front doors, held closed by bolts when not in use. Extremely durable, the Wheelie bin store gains great benefit from easy accessibility from the effortless opening bi-fold roof, letting you open the bins without taking them out until you need to.

Designed at a very high quality, air vents in the bin store aid in circulation, ensuring any bad smells are flushed out. Excellent value for money, the Double Door Wheelie Bin store comes in a natural timber finish that can be stained or painted as you wish. A stunning contemporary design which will compliment any garden and is one of our top garden products for autumn & winter.

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