With Spring here, your focus shifts from the housework to the garden. Painting and Treating your Garden Sheds is an annual thing for most shed owners. Painting your garden sheds is not a strenuous activity and it can bring the family together, but remember, wear some tatty clothes!

Your Shed is your shed! The colours they can be are endless. You don’t have to stick to one colour, it is entirely up to you.

Preparation - Before painting your shed, grab yourself a wet cloth and wire brush and remove any dirt, moss or muck from the shed so you have a clean surface to paint. This way you will keep the layer fresh and not miss any patches. Apply masking tape to any edges, window frames and hinges so that you do not spoil the metal. If your shed is on a timber base, we also advise that you lay down a dust sheet to stop any splodges of paint on the surface.

Priming - Next, apply a generous amount of primer to the entire shed, this way a coat is created stopping paint being absorbed into the wood and requiring several coats. Leave the primer to dry before attempting to paint. We have primer available which will also create a protective layer on your shed here – http://www.buyshedsdirect.co.uk/garden-sheds/timber-treatments/. Any questions you have will be gladly answered, contact us at 0844 248 9865.

Painting – Take your brushes or paint sprayer and start to paint the outside of the shed in a vertical motion swaying up and down, applying a fair coat. We advise you start by painting the vertical panels and then move onto horizontal panels and plinths where more intricate painting is required. We suggest applying one thin first coat to avoid any dripping and splodges. Once you have given your garden sheds a coating, wait for it to dry then go over once again to create a fair and even coating. Once you have finished the outside and are happy, remove the masking tape and touch up any final bits that you may have missed and voilà!

Paints are available from all garden stores, ask an employee if you have any questions.

Depending on how you want your shed to look, choose a type of paint that will offer the finish you want.

Spruce up your garden sheds this year with a quick paint, it really does impress.

If you still need to build your shed, take a look at our video below to find out how to do it, and then paint it following the tips are given above.