We’re just days away from the Shed of the Year Competition closing for entries for 2015 and the entries just keep pouring in. The competition is a fascinating chance to see how innovative and exceptional a garden shed can be and how it’s much more than a convenient outhouse for chucking your tools and gardening paraphernalia into.

With just days until the competition closes on May 1st, there have been thousands of entries, showing some truly innovative and creative designs from across the country. The UK’s reputation as a nation of ‘Sheddies’ is only further enhanced with this competition which celebrates fun and imagination as well as true design and engineering prowess.

Here we’re taking a look at all eight categories of shed in the competition and some of the best entries in the Eco Shed, Cabin and Summerhouses, Workshops and Studios and finally Pub Sheds categories.

The categories

Eco Sheds

With a focus on environmental factors and offering some truly original solutions to traditional means of creating power and more, the eco sheds category is both a step back in time and in some ways a step forward.

This year, fantastic examples of eco shed entries include The Owl House, entered by Tracy Caroline Lewis. Created entirely from cob, recycled plywood, collected recycled glass bottles and with a grass living roof, it is an entirely organic creation, which is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly.

Another exciting entry in the eco shed category is Cormac’s Bothy with its true Nordic feel. Entered by Cormac Seekings, the Bothy has been constructed in-situ in the forest, utilising handcrafted logs.

Cabins and Summerhouses

With a little freedom to create whatever tickles their fancy with a real sense of summer, the cabins and summerhouses category has many original and exciting entries.

First on our list is Merseyside’s Hobbit House entered by Sean Marsden, with real inspiration from Tolkien and the Baggins family. The fantastical appearance of this shed is not only impeccably built but truly captures the appearance of a Tolkienian creation. It features a hand built kitchen and there’ one key rule for visitors to the shed: no mobile phones or tablets.

Another vibrant and truly summery entry into this category is Judy Cowan’s simply named Beach Hut. With its pastel shades it truly mimics the beach huts on the sands in Brighton. It takes the summerhouse theme to its heart throughout its design.

Workshops and Studios

With a true function behind their creation, workshop and studio sheds may be used every day by their owner and are cherished for their functionality as well as their style.

One of the finest entries into this category is The Poki, which could be the world’s smallest art studio. Measuring just 6ft x 6ft externally the studio really is a tight squeeze but it’s perfectly designed for function and judging by its popularity on social media, people are really behind Huw Grantham and his design.

Another exciting and innovative entry in this category is Max Tate’s Shedoline constructed almost unbelievably from a trampoline frame. Its design is practical as a work shed and every element of the shed is also recycled or repurposed.

Pub Sheds

Who doesn’t love the idea of their own private bar metres from their front door? The popularity of the private pub shed means there are lots of great entries for this category.

First up in our selection of finest pub shed entries is The Moody Cow, with its jokey name but truly inspiring appearance. Looking more like a trendy riverside bar than a garden shed, The Moody Cow was entered by Michael Dodd and includes everything you need for a great party from 65” TV and sound system to huge bar, pizza oven and an outdoor fire.

Another fantastic and more traditional pub shed entry is the cosy StopStop Bar entered by Tim Spalding. Created as a shrine to Spanish band StOp StoP it’s a compact yet atmospheric little creation. There’s a 1970s retro feel to the place and the patio area makes for the perfect beer garden.

The competition closes on May 1st as mentioned and soon after the Amazing Spaces Shed of the Year television programme will begin broadcasting. With four episodes this year there will be plenty of opportunities to see some of the fantastic creations from sheddies across the country.