How Do I Hide My Garden Shed?

Nothing is as beautiful or astonishing as nature, and the garden is the perfect place to enjoy its delights on a daily basis. However, an attractive garden requires a lot of practical effort and most of us have a limited space to work with. This inevitably results in the odd eye-sore, the worst of which is probably the most indispensable: the garden shed. So, you may ask, how do I hide my ugly garden shed?

The broad answer to this question is ‘however you like’. The ways to hide an ugly shed are as varied as the human imagination but, to give you a head start, let us propose four key methods: concealment, distraction, improvement, and replacement.  

Concealing an ugly shed is probably the first idea that comes into most people’s minds. Garden screening ideas, such as ornamental trees, shrubs, and trellis panels (or obelisks) to support your climbers will all prove effective in hiding your ugly outdoor shed, and if you can enjoy the added bonus of enhancing your garden the way nature would have intended, then all the better. For those of you whose sheds are linked to the power supply, it goes without saying that utility lines should be buried underground.

Forest Obelisk 1.8m

Distraction is an interesting one. Of course, we could take a tip from the concealment method and adorn our ugly shed with a hanging basket or two, or perhaps place a couple of planters either side of the door, but the more adventurous amongst you might consider using a sense other than sight. How about sound? If one was to approach an ugly outdoor shed and hear the soothing sound of a water feature in the nearby corner of the garden, in which direction would your attention be drawn?

 Wishing Well Fountain

Inquiring how to improve a shed is like asking the length of a piece of string. Don’t hesitate to nail down any loose panels and seal any cracks. How about a coat of quality wood preservative or a lick of paint? You might be pleasantly surprised by the results. You could even get creative with your own shed paint ideas or novel shed designs. Think about it: ‘shed graffiti’ or a ‘shed landscape’. Of course, make sure the roof felt is in tip-top condition, whilst solar lighting will not only improve your shed, but will generate cheap, clean power for you too (make sure you do a careful analysis of your shed’s suitability for this first). 

SolarHub32 (10k) - LED Strip

Ahh, replacement, you say - I wondered when they were going to try and sell us something expensive. It’s certainly true that Buy Sheds Direct boasts a superb range of garden sheds, but have you ever considered purchasing an outdoor store to replace your old shed instead? These invaluable little garden storage facilities are spacious, secure, but tend not to be as tall as traditional sheds, making them far less obtrusive.

Forest 6 x 3 Pressure Treated Overlap Maxi Wall Store 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t let that ugly, old outdoor shed spoil the view in your garden. Remember: conceal, distract, improve or replace; and if you have any further garden shed ideas, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this article.