One of the most rewarding parts of being an online retailer is seeing our products in their new homes.

There’s nothing we enjoy more than seeing the photographs sent in by our happy customers showing their Buy Sheds Direct products in their gardens. It’s a great way to see how different people style our products and to see what they’re being used for.

As we’ve seen previously on Shed of the Year, the humble garden shed can be used for so many different purposes – from practical to just downright wacky! A garden shed is a great way to add extra storage to your garden or to be used as a place to relax and unwind. We’ve even seen a garden shed used to house a crocodile! In case you missed our favourite TV show this year, you can read all about it at our Shed of the Year hub.

We will be sharing images which have been sent into us from our lovely customers to show a range of our products in their brand new homes and seeing what differences they have made to their garden. This is the customer showcase…

Let’s meet one of our happy customers:

We received some great photos from Will who had purchased a summer house to go in his immaculate garden. He was so pleased with his new building that he then ordered a shed to match which completed his garden.

The summerhouse which Will chose is the 7×7 Shire Hampton Summerhouse which you can find here.

The summerhouse got a lick of paint to make it blend into the garden nicely, we love the deep shade of green which Will has chosen – it complements the greenery of the garden perfectly and works as a backdrop to accentuate the bright colours of the flowers.

Will was so impressed with his summerhouse that he bought a 6×4 Overlap Pressure Treated Reverse Apex shed to coordinate with his new summerhouse and to complete his garden.

“Love my summerhouse so much, thank you for fantastic quality and service!! Our summerhouse is the talk of the street everyone loves it. I’ve also ordered a shed from you this weekend, so impressed!”

We asked Will a couple of questions to find out a little bit more about his choice of garden buildings and how they’ve improved his outdoor space…

What made you choose a summerhouse and how did you decide which one to buy?

I chose the Summerhouse from Buy Sheds Direct after a lot of shopping around and deciding that the one I found on Buy Sheds Direct looked like the best deal and quality.

What do you use your summerhouse and shed for?

I use the summerhouse as a chill out area! We have placed it in the sunniest spot of the garden and we sit in there usually with a glass of wine, all we have is a little table and chairs, a few nick-nacks and a Bluetooth speaker for some nice music – heaven!

Can you explain the difference your new garden buildings have made to your garden?

The new shed and summerhouse have completed our fully renovated garden and look great, our neighbours all love the look.

Did you enjoy your experience shopping with Buy Sheds Direct?

My shopping experience with Buy Sheds Direct has been fantastic! The products are great, the price is great and the aftersales is superb!

Of course, we are in awe of Will’s immaculate garden, what a stunning outside space which we all agree we’d love in our back garden! The addition of the summerhouse and shed have really turned the garden around and created that outside storage space which was needed as well as a cosy spot to sit back and relax and while away the summer evenings. Will’s new garden buildings have transformed what was already a gorgeous garden into a finished and practical stunning outdoor space and we thank Will so much for sharing his lovely photos with us.

Do you have any great photos of our products in your garden? We’d love to see! Send them to us at [email protected] for your chance to be featured in our next customer showcase and on our Customer Gallery on our website.